Top 5 Sonic Booms Caught on Video

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

Sonic booms are created when an object travels faster than the speed of sound. They can be accompanied by a visual competent as well, which is the focus of today's video. Hope everyone enjoys.

Several segments are licensed under Creative Commons (CC)
NASA (CC), U.S Government (CC)

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💬 Comments

I'm here to listen to sonic booms, not to dance...

Author — Johnathan Kai


Putting music over footage like this is criminal.

Author — Trigg3rHippie


I always thought a sonic boom sounded like a gun firing. Not techno music.

Author — LordOfNothingham


• Trying to hear Sonic Boom... All i can hear is crappy music 🤦🏻‍♂️

Author — PianoMessage


I am just amazed how sonic booms sounds like music, great work of nature and you guys, keep it up

Author — Aft Ranger


What amazing machines man. The speed at which they are moving is mind boggling. Hats off to the amazing engineers that designed these.

Author — RSV


It's a genius to put the background music louder than the boom

Author — fabrício


Ive heard some sonic booms in my lifetime above a small town in iowa. Loud as heck. Its definitely something everybody needs to witness

Author — Adam Dankel


I was in the navy on an aircraft carrier and when they put on a show for us they flew past us like the first video. I rember feeling the gust of wind when it went past. Amazing times

Author — Brad Stewart


The sonic booms are happening almost every day here where I live. They are low to the ground many times and when it happens the whole house shakes, dogs are afraid, and it hurts the ears. It is also shaking the house causing our floor to drop from the collums.

Author — bud elkins


The vapor cone has nothing to do with breaking the sound barrier. You can see vapour cones form at high G banking turns at subsonic speeds.

Author — jumbo fit


This video should just be called "The Sonic Boom Remix"!

Author — Jaxon Day


one of my dad's buddies had to eject at 650 knots at like 6 thousand feet. he lost 4, 500 as he ejected, and 5, 000 when the parachute pulled. from what i heard from him, his left shoulder was dislocated, something happened to his knee and many other bad things happened.

moral: never eat cereal with water

Author — fw_peter


Makes total sense to put background music in a video where the only thing to look out is a sound made by the jet. Great work guys!

Author — Purbid


imagine going so fast you vanish for a few seconds then the sound comes

Author — Walter white


The one at 6.00 is absolutely awesome! I love that sound.

Author — marley bu


There was a sonic boom today over my town in the UK. Shook the house, was pretty cool

Author — Liam


It gives me great pleasure to honor the pilots of the military who dedicate their lives in fighter jets, bombers and helicopters without these our country would be not the same keep on kicking ass up in the air and don't stop

Author — Alex Englund


The best parts are when the boom muffles the music

Author — orangutan9001


"Here's a few more that didn't make the list"

Proceeds to showing the best example in the entire video.

Author — David Arbogast