Top 10 Unforgettable Glee Moments

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Top 10 Unforgettable Glee Moments 5

Top 10 Unforgettable Glee Moments

Calling all Gleeks! There were so many moments on Glee it was hard to choose a Top 10! Remember the double wedding? Or that Shelby was actually Rachel’s mother? Will and Emma got married, Finn’s death, Finn proposal to Rachel, Rachel sings after Finn’s death, the Don’t Stop Believing performance, National’s Victory and when Quinn was pregnant?! These are just a few of the most unforgettable moments from Glee!

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i can't believe you guys left out the most *iconic* thing to exist.

*the burt hummel single ladies dance.*

Author — cate grady


Can we talk about how iconic Quinn giving birth in time to the bohemian rhapsody

Author — Beth’s life


When Beiste leaves Cooter and he says “Who’s gonna love you now?” and she says “ME”. I get chills everytime I watch that scene.

Author — Emily M Lau


I think Carol's breakdown while going through Finn's stuff was the most heartbreaking moment of the entire show.

Author — Cookie Mama


Top 10 Unforgettable Glee Moments:
10. All of them
9. All of them
8. All of them
7. All of them
6. All of them
5. All of them
4. All of them
3. All of them
2. All of them
1. Single Ladies

Author — Emily Smith


My top Ten are:

1. When Santana broke down after she sang for Finn (I always cry during this part)
2. When Will found out Terri wasn't pregnant (still has me EXTREMELY shook)
3. When Quinn didn't make it to the wedding because of her accident (I'm still fucking shook)
4. When Emma ran away from her wedding after that BOP of a song
5. When Quinn told Finn she was having a baby
6. When Finn found out he wasn't the Father to said baby
7. When Jessi James threw eggs at Rachel in the parking lot
8. When Finn went to New York and beat the shit out of Brody
9. When Finn and Rachel kissed on stage
10. When Santana told her Grandma she liked girls

Author — Pano Family


I still can’t make it through Will sobbing into Finn’s jacket without sobbing myself. That was a HARD ASS episode.

Author — pink_dagger1


When Burt defended Kurt from Finn he became one of my favourite tv dads. He didn't understand but he was so supportive.

Author — Wandering Minstrel


“If I die young” still gives me the shivers.

Author — MildeAmasoj


You guys seriously forgot Santana’s drop dead performance of

*Trouty Mouth*

Edit: I can’t believe Naya Rivera is my love goes out to her family and her wonderful son... can we please sing Edge of Glory in the comments to honor her legacy..?

Author — Bྂrྂoྂkྂeྂnྂ Sྂtྂaྂrྂ


“Sue Sylvester goes on a rampage”
Various episodes

Author — Dayne Uyehara


This video should be called "glee proposals and weddings"

Author — kaye alcala


Carol's breakdown after Finn died broke me, she’s phenomenal.

Author — Princess Agatha


Finn and Rachel definitely would have ended up together if cory hadn’t passed away. So sad that he passed away he had so much to live for. Rest in peace

Author — Brittany Bancroft


and now Naya Rivera singing "If I die young" means a lot to me, now that she's dead.
She is one of my favorite Character here in Glee.

Author — JL Esteban


I disagree strongly with this list. It focused too much on proposals and marriages. What about Santana's song "if I die young" to Finn? What about the school shooting in which Becky fires the gun and Sue takes the blame? What about Sue's sister? What about Marley's mom? What about the bully being gay? So many better heartfelt moments in Glee that were never discussed.

Author — Holli


Some things that should have been in the list:
Jean's Funeral
When Kurt got beat up
Dave Korafsky attempted suicide
School Shooting
Blaine gets together with Korafsky
Burts heart attack

Author — lucy genevieve


When Rachel's tattoo of fin was revealed

Author — Lia IB


Santana singing “if I die young”: am I a joke to you?
Will finding out that Terri isn’t pregnant: aight imma head out.

Author — M Beats Briggs


"the quarterback" episode really hit everyone HARD and i can tell that the cast felt genuinely upset over the news abt corey :(((

Author — leena