Unix Shell Scripting Part 1 | UNIX Tutorial | Mr. Subba Raju

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Unix Shell Scripting Part 1 | UNIX Tutorial | Mr. Subba Raju

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Thanks so much for taking time to explain this interesting class. This is AAA for you Sir.

Author — Trio channel


Thank you very much sir, I was watching ur all unix videos from one month, n i learned almost all major part of unix now finally m starting here with scripting. u really did a great help for me. Thank you

Author — Rushikesh Ayati


Sir .. Your way of explaining is really awesome . Can you please upload videos on Command Line Arguments in |Unix and more unix scripting with examples

Author — S R


You are boon for us.. Thank you so much sir for sharing wonderful knowledge with us.. Many-Many likes to your video. :)

Author — Sinha Series


Just Amazing ⭐ 10/10 for teaching skills

Author — Nipun Bhirud


Excellent presentation... I am absolute beginner and absorbed all what he said.. many thank Raju

Author — Afzaal Awan


Wow sir amazing teaching....i really appreciate with it.... Very helpful in exams.. Thnqq so much...

Author — Pyarelal Prajapati


Very good explanation..but need the series number at the starting of the clip so that the continuity go one by one.. very good job. Clip has vital information about UNIX.

Author — Abdul Mujeeb


Excellent explanation Gone through many online courses on Unix but this is the best

Author — prabhat ranjan sharma


My shell script scenario:-

It check bill_status for previous month from Bill_status table .
Bill_status table contain status column with unique value i.e. ( C for completed and Other than C for not completed).

My expectation:- (my script need to run daily till status=C, if we get Status=C then no need to run for remaining day of this month.
And start again same script with next month 1st day to till status=C)

Example: ---
If I found status other than C then this script will need to run daily till we get status C .

And If i found status C today i.e. 23/Apr/22 then it would not check status for remaining day of this month. It should Start again with next month first day to till status=C and so on .

Kindly provide suggestion or logic for above expectation

Author — Pravin Gaddam


Hi Sir, could you please guide us how to install this in our systems.

Author — Karan Vir


hi sir, when we are doing man ls, it show complete discription of command with available options. is there any poririty in which these are shown ? will i get the same output on doing ls -lrt, ls - rtl and ls - tlr ?

Pls explain

Author — Bharat Bhusan


Thankyou Sir .. You made it so easy .. ✌️

Author — Pooja Gonla


Thank u so much sir, Well explained!!!!

Author — Vivek Vedpathak


thanking u sir for uploaded this video...kindly upload more videos for Linux class..

Author — S A I Laxman


sir plz upload sftp, ftp and ssh topics in unix

Author — vijay g


Hi sir, is it possible to move an file to an table using Unix shell scripting

Author — CarthikCR7


Very helpful. Thanks you for sharing informative video

Author — Jyoti Bisht


yes, please upload more useful shell scripting..

Author — syed rizu


Good .. new video with good knowledge of configuration files .

Author — Technical Turbo