Need You Now - Glee Cast Version

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Need You Now - Glee Cast Version 5

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I love how Rachel started performing to make Finn jealous but was completely lost in song with Puck in the end

Author — jcm00


Pucks voice is underrated, he should've gotten to do at least some solos at competition

Author — Bella 44744


That transition of emotion when Puck taunted the boys and then when he turned to Rachel his expression softened

I- that was so cute omg

Author — #LifeWithChu: Simple Covers


And there is no way I'm sharimg a room with a known HOMOPHOBE! Yas Rachel!

Author — Dr Stranger


"There is no way I'm sharing the choir room with a known homophobe"
I think this was one of maybe eight lines Rachel had that made her look likeable and kind

Author — Michiel Korte


I’m sorry, but I shipped Rachel and Puck so hard.

Author — Brookiej 530


"Without us, she has no team!"
"With you I have no team!"
She just crushed his balls.

Author — Greeneyelove


i wish rachel and puck dated longer than one episode. it would’ve been nice seeing their relationship explored more.

Author — Kim Suan


3:33 when puck taunted the boys then grinned at rachel that was adorable :)

Author — artylove 4ever


I always loved Rachel's dresses. They were always so cute.

Author — Amy Guerrero


Gotta say, when the fight broke out, I love the fact that Sam’s first reaction was to pick Rachel and get her out of harms way. 😂😂😂

Author — Jordan Wilson


"That is the music of my oppressors!"

I hate him but god that was funny

Author — Jessica M


Still not over the way Quinn looks at them in 3:50

Author — Αννα Κ.


So they just don’t let Artie clean up after the football team slushied him

Author — Sunny Alyssa


Quinn was always harsh and criticizing but you never see her without a smile while someone is preforming. Amazing

Author — Justin Ward


nobody on glee can stand Rachel but they’re all equally whipped for her ): so cute even Santana

Author — wonw8


I just really love how all the Glee members got up to fight when one of them was about to. They got each other’s backs

Author — J Claflin


Is everyone else missing glee too? Lol all the comments are from like a week or two ago. 💜

Author — Ciel Marie


Anybody else catch that when the fight broke out, Sam was holding her above the ground while she kicked and screamed😂 (Rachel)

Author — Emma Lawley


Finns face when Mr. Schuster said Rachel and puck was working on something will always be priceless

Author — Lydia Gonzalez