Airtel Super Binge Plan - The Visit

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Even if it took him ten takes to get it right, we can’t blame him 😀🤷. All he needed was the SuperBinge plan and best jollof rice cooking tutorial on YouTube to get it right. Dial *141*514# to get this plan.

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I have made a huge mistake by porting my sim into jio to airtel. It doesn't have good network and the internet speed is like 2g. Just waiting when my 90 days completed and i can again use jio❤

Author — @mohitzinta4688


49, 000 subscribers video ad is 980k plus..what's the science behind this ad?

Author — @davidosimiri7344


बकवास सर्विस आर्डर किए दो हफ्तों से ज्यादा हो गए हैं ना कनेक्शन लगा रहे हैं और ना ही संतोषजनक जवाब देते इनके अधिकारी तो बात तक नहीं करना चाहते

Author — @raajsharma1994


What's the name of the girl in the Ad?

Author — @victorope5367