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The 3D printing revolution | DW Documentary 5

Three-dimensional printing promises new opportunities for more sustainable and local production. But does 3D printing make everything better? This film shows how innovation can change the world of goods.

Is the way we make things about to become the next revolution? Traditional manufacturing techniques like milling, casting and gluing could soon be replaced by 3D printing -saving enormous amounts of material and energy. Aircraft maker Airbus is already benefiting from the new manufacturing method. Beginning this year, the A350 airliner will fly with printed door locking shafts. Where previously ten parts had to be installed, today that’s down to just one. It saves a lot of manufacturing steps. And 3D printing can imitate nature's efficient construction processes, something barely possible in conventional manufacturing. Another benefit of the new technology is that components can become significantly lighter and more robust, and material can be saved during production. But the Airbus development team is not yet satisfied. The printed cabin partition in the A350 has become 45 percent lighter thanks to the new structure, but it is complex and expensive to manufacture. It takes 900 hours to print just one partition, a problem that print manufacturers have not yet been able to solve. The technology is already being used in Adidas shoes: The sportswear company says it is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of 3D-printed components. The next step is sustainable materials, such as biological synthetic resins that do not use petroleum and can be liquefied again without loss of quality and are therefore completely recyclable. This documentary sheds light on the diverse uses of 3D printing.


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How to get a free 3D printer:

Step 1: Buy 3D printer
Step 2: Print 3D printer
Step 3: Return original 3D printer

Author — shenanagizer


- 3D Printing is amazing for manufacturing but China is still cheaper lol

Author — Omar Delawar


Hobbyists are really buying up 3d printers faster than most people realize. I work at a place that sells computer electronics, and the Ender 3 Pro printers sell like hotcakes! There are other industrial printers we carry that have a hefty price tag but they print with just about any material -- 3d printing is definitely the future.

Author — Julie Kaveshnikov


Take the crown back from China, use automation to take back our means!

Author — Sprunk Soda


The technology is advancing at an exponential rate

Author — Mardig Bidanian


Lou rassy statement -- "moving parts with the power of technology, now at the speed of light." Brilliant!

Author — Sutapa Mazumdar


The part where used plastics are being reused as filaments for 3D printers to make sustainable eyeglass frames & other things is pretty sweet

Author — Miss Pocket


I can see that engineering is getting United computer science, mechanical, electronics all are getting Integrated. Great 💥 🔥

Author — Knowledge Knights


I'm 3D printed my custom wallet while I watch this documentary.

Author — Tony Rios


You'll never truly appreciate the absolute MASTERPIECE a 3d printer can make until you've designed parts for plastic injection. Suddenly almost no geometry is forbidden, you can make things INSIDE OTHER THINGS. I cant overstate my happiness

Author — Ratkill


Interesting information, 3D printers are growing so fast..

Author — SOLIDWOW Channel


Im printing a bracket to hold an aquarium light right now.

Author — Moe Lester


we have been 3d printing cake decorations for years - you just need
a cake
some icing
a bag
a nozzel

Author — Robert Spreadborough


Adidas is kind of I like specially made in Germany I was wearing a berkenstock

Author — Eddie Razon


I think 3 D printing has an important role in surgical applications where facial reconstruction for example, could be quickly and accurately performed in sterile conditions without bone grafts that normally involve additional invasive surgery .

Author — George Robartes


Believe me this will be the future of production and product creation. The same way we used Nokia 3310 and now smartphones.

Author — Toffee


Absolutely fascinating watch.
Future of 3D printing is just immense.

Author — DM 2MW


Thanks DW for this very interesting report.

Author — Leila


Just print me up a stack of those pretty $20 dollar bills. That's all I need

Author — Mark Yaske


0:27 fast? i bet mean prototype that it take so loong print

Author — Jari Sipilainen