U.S. missiles hit Syria air base behind chemical attack

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U.S. missiles hit Syria air base behind chemical attack 4
President Trump ordered a military strike in Syria as response to President Bashar al-Assad's use of chemical weapons on his own people. Fifty-nine cruise missiles were launched from destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The target was the Shayrat air base, which is believed to have been the origin of the plane that dropped deadly gas. David Martin reports.

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Detroit still looks worse any day of the week than Syria looks this morning!

Автор — Mel Teague


so can someone explain did Russia shoot most of them down? and only 23 hit the base? this is what everyone is saying and i'm just wondering :/

Автор — Vircxii


I have been so scared for the day Trump would say, " I ordered a military strike (insert country here)" him saying those words makes me cringe.

Автор — William Steele


and Atlanta falcons choked on the second

Автор — Flip One


Mexico better pay close attention. They might be next lol. just kidding

Автор — Michael Stillwell


President Trump did the right thing!!!!

Автор — Juli Larson


And remember: "- from this day forward, it's going to be only America first!"

Автор — magicwizard196


59 tomahawks? odd number like that leads me to assume 1 cruise missile failed.

Автор — Mike Jones


I was skeptical about Trump but this is fucking amazing. Good for him

Автор — Axe


all these news are fake ... brain washing

Автор — jad hzim


The dollars is definitely about to collapse any day

Автор — Enlightened BytheSon


Well done. If it's needed to be done again, target Assad. If the use of nerve agents isn't stopped now they will be used again, and elsewhere.

Автор — Pat R


Americana have forgotten their lost war against Vietnam & the atrocities of using all the deadly weapons & not to forget their use of nuclear bombs on Japan, please stop policing & preaching human rights to the world.

Автор — Муви MEN


i am by far a Trump supporter but this retaliation on Syria I approve and support. like it or not we are the world police and as a proud America citizen we have to defend the innocent people in this world getting slaughtered. i for one applaud Mr. Trump for doing the right thing. and if this leads to a war I'm ready to sign up and fight for what is right. thank you to our men and women in uniform. God bless

Автор — Carlos Cabrera


Military action should be taken a decade ago.
Trump did the right thing.
If i were US. president, I would do TIMES HARDER.

Автор — Michael Jack


The Rockefeller-controlled United States is completely out of Control.

Автор — BlankFacedUser


Bravo Trump. More of these in Assad's ass.

Автор — Ermal Domi


thank each and Avery one that made this attack on Satan happens, from the cooker sailor captain to president thank you US

Автор — Najie Ahmedou


Play with trump if u want and when that man blows the trumpet it's gunna rain down on ya!!

Автор — Rashed Ali


“Omg WW3 is happening” lol USA would destroy everyone

Автор — Grant Ojeda