Is This Free? (Short Comedy Film)

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Is This Free? (Short Comedy Film) 4

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Starring Jack Hawkins, Tarryn Meaker, Abdiel LeRoy, Cornelia Baumann, Julian Lamoral-Roberts, David Cullinane, Chloe Massey, Katie Goldfinch and Veronica Sevegrand.

Producers: Undine Buka & Lauris Beinerts
Executive Producer: Muzaffar Khan
Director: Lauris Beinerts
Writers: Adele Kirby & Lauris Beinerts
Director of Photography: Janis Skulme
1st Assistant Director: Beatrice Barbato
Gaffer: Dominik Palgan
Lighting Technician: Takashi Yoshida
Production Designer: Karina Beinerte
Make-up Artist: Jwan Sharif
Wardrobe Assistant: Dana Šarova
Composer & Sound Mixer: Ricards Cerenkovs
Sound Recordist: Hany Mowafi
Boom Operator: Joshua Bailey
Editor: Tim Slessor
Colour Correction: Claire-Estelle Bertrand
Title Designer: Arvids Baranovs
Script Supervisor: Sankar Jayaraman
Stills Photographer: Lorenzo Guerrieri

Is This Free? / Здесь свободно? / Vai te ir brīvs?

We made this video using:
- 3 1/2 reams of A4 paper

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💬 Comments on the video

I guess we have different ideas about what "comedy" means.

Author — Yugan Dali


This is so so so British that has just robbed my islands

Author — Juan Bori


Is this free?? never heard of it!!

more like is this seat taken or do u mind if I sit here

Author — Hanad Casanova


I don’t.... get it.

“Is this free?”

“Smart ass answer.”

“Sits down”



Next one.

Author — owlflame


this main character feels like a character someone in Jr. High would think is "Smooth" and "Cool"

Author — juiced012


A: "Are you gay?"
B: "No?"
A: "Are you muslim?"
B: "No-"
A: "Are you black?"
B: "Are you blind?"

Author — CraftminerCZ


I don't get the point in this video. Could someone explain to me?

Author — Lawrence Lui


In real life, a lot of the outcomes would be a lot more hostile lol

Author — mimprincesa


The main actor was cute.To all of the people who didn't get it, I don't get the not getting it.Enjoyed it.

Author — Donna Dodson


I thought this film was free but it cost me 8 minutes 36 seconds of my life I'll never get back.

Author — Shakir Pichler


It's about creating a remarkable situation from an unremarkable question.

Author — EliteRowmaster


Imagine you just want to sit down and enjoy your coffee, and you get that prat playing silly mind games in response to a polite question. Is everything HE says to be taken literally?

Author — GradKat


The Shopkeeper: "Only with a coupon."
The Philosopher: "Well when one says 'free', what does one actually mean?"
The Spiritualist: "All things are free, my child."
The Slaveowner: "Naw, and I ain't gon let you Northern folk emancipate mah property neither."
The Communist: "Nothing and no-one can be free while we live under the yoke of capitalist oppression, comrade."

Author — Kaz


Am I the only one around here that didn't understand anything? Was this just for hipsters?

Author — McAwesome


The segments of "Laundry List of Prejudice" could be used as a training film for ICE.

Author — Kenneth Klein


Okay, well this literally blowed my mind! Next time if someone asks me, I'm surely gona ask something like this & they would probably run🤓🙆🏻

I think it's a best strategy to run away from weirdos😆

Author — Rachita Sahni


As soon as he came up to the camera to ask "Is this free?", I thought "You'll have to ask the owner". Guess it's pretty easy to do.

Also, dude is handsome.

Author — IrishRepoMan


I must be getting old. This is really tiresome.

Author — boomer rob


"Is this free?" Dude, you'd have to ask the shop owner if you want the chair, I'm just a customer. I doubt they'll give the chairs away for free tho.

Author — Morgwic


"Are you black?"

Btw for clarification, "Is this free" is a question asked to know if a chair by someone is being used by someone who's away about to come back to it, like "Is anyone sitting here?".

Author — Lord Cultus