HubSpot Marketing Hub | How To Use It - Tutorial for Beginners

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

00:00 - Intoduction to HubSpot
01:43 - Email marketing
09:34 - Social Media
10:49 - Website + Blog
38:41 - Files + templates
40:34 - CTAs
44:27 - Forms
53:38 - Planning + strategy
59:13 - Workflows

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Inbound Explained by Cyberclick is a YouTube series dedicated to all things Inbound Marketing. From tutorials to quick tips and tricks, if it’s about Inbound, we’re explaining it. We’ll help you become an Inbound Marketing expert.

Cyberclick is a digital marketing and advertising agency specialized in online campaigns. We use results-oriented strategies to develop successful Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Ads, Native Advertising and Performance Marketing campaigns.

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Author — Inbound Explained • Digital Marketing


Just watched your tutorial here, and just wanted to thank you, very much appreciate the value you provided. And I also believe you did an excellent job providing the basic important details, explanations, and how to execute them. And agree with most everyone here well done, put together, and can very easily follow. One problem though you didn't give us your name. lol Anyway, Thank You Mrs.?

Author — Ernesto Sazo


I start a new job in marketing operations tomorrow in which one of my main responsibilities is managing HubSpot, and this guide was really very useful. Thank you 😀

Author — Danny Devlin


Great job. A great refresher--so much to know and you kept it interesting and relevant.

Author — Carole Lotito


Great reminder of all the marketing tools HS has to offer. Thanks for creating and posting!

Author — Randy Noxon


This is great. Can you do a step by step of setup and review of a test account and five insight into what a success ful campaign looks like and what you look for when working day to day?

Thanks again!

Author — ThinkBeFree99


Thanks for putting together this video. It was super helpful and informative.

Author — Karen Henry


I love this video, it explains everything super clear, thanks!

Author — Robby Denys


Thank you for such an awesome presentation! very helpful for this newbie over here

Author — Aissa Aset Bey


Thank you, this tutorial was extremely informative.

Author — KC Kalon


Thank you for this valuable information it was really helpful for a beginners like me.Really appreciate your work👍

Author — Shilpa Rana


Thanks, this is such a helpful tutorial 😊

Author — Sammey M


I found this video incredibly helpful. Thank you!

Author — Matthew Jardine


Amazing Content. So easy to understand.

Author — Saroj Gupta


Hey Hubspot you make ebooks available for download as soon as I submit a contact form. How to do that on your tool? How to make a gated content available for download as soon as form is filled by the audience/prospect??

Author — Sruti Sukumar


What about the IP reputations? Do they provide dedicated ones? Basically your overall review of Email Deliverability of HubSot

Author — Husain Dilawar


I can already see how big this channel will be in 1month

Author — P Queen


Thanks for making a helpful and educational video. All the others I found were from the "self made millionaires" and explained nothing.

Author — verbality


this was helpful. thank you for uploading this video.

Author — M_G_tek


Hi, i'm trying to find the 'Files and Templates' section but can't find it. Is this only for the paid version of Hubspot? (38:41 minutes) Or maybe the version of Hubspot has changed since 2020?

Author — Sara Manzoori