Deadly Puff Adder!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and crew stumble upon a neonate Puff Adder in South Africa!

These venomous snakes are responsible for the most deaths by snakebite in all of Africa due to their widespread distribution and their stealthy presence in and around populated areas. So whenever you find yourself in their territory ALWAY watch where you step!

Get ready to get up close with the deadly Puff Adder!

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Every video coyote shows these animals such respect. He sets a great example for anyone trying to learn.

Author — The Feathered frontiersman


"But this is not a reptile that you need to be afraid of."
Eight seconds later.
"I would say that this is arguably the most dangerous snake species here in South Africa."

Author — BigBadSeed


Gonna be honest, the snake vibing in the hat was adorable

Author — Thiccc Asian


Steve Irwin would of been so proud to see his impact on the animal world he surely inspired .

Author — Charlie Elmore


Coyote: Goes outside when it's more than 100 degress.
Me: Has a fan on when it's only a little over room tempurature.

Author — Stormy


6:38 “this is not a reptile you need to be afraid of “

“This is the second most dangerous snake species in South America”

Author — DatManBrooksie HD


Puff Adder be like " I'll let you film me long as you let me chill on this rock"

Author — Reaper 7


"Serious offroading"- a pretty nice gravel/ clay road. Coyote has never been offroading

Author — Denver Basshead


Hey Coyote! I need you to come over and get this spider for me please.

Author — The Bee Family


Him:gets bit by a snake**
I'm okay.

Me: gets bit by a ant*

Has a heart attack**

Author — Sonia Mejia


"It's gone virtually untouched by man." Oh look, a road that leads into that untouched land.... woohoo! Haha, just giving you a hard time, Coyote! Love your videos. Keep it up, man!

Author — Jose Lozano


"The most venomous animal in the world is ALWAYS whatever just attacked you." Steve Irwin, I think XD

Author — Bazooka Llama Productions


Coyote: This is arguably the most dangerous snake species here in South Africa.
Also Coyote: *Is handling the Puff Adder on a rock right next to his face*

Author — Jenson Thomas


He deserves way more then 10 million.... his youtube actually does something amazing in comparison to others.

Author — Lw70


Aw, I missed the tour?! I live in Minnesota, and so far you guys are the only Youtubers I've seen coming as close as Minneapolis for a show! I've only been watching you for about three weeks now, so that's a bummer.I hope you guys stay up North this year!

Author — Aga Volm


I have learned so much from this channel, it’s amazing 😉.

Author — Anchalee Jaidee


When I was growing up, my father taught me that when walking through any area in which venomous snakes could be present, one shouldn't put his hands where he can't see what is on the other side, or lift rocks by hand where a snake could be underneath. I believe this is good advice so I follow it.

Author — Bob Jacobson


Coyote: Says how people picture South Africa

Everyone that lives in South Africa thinks of: CORRUPTION AND LOADSHEDDING

Author — Ebenvl


I think I'll just stick with handling Cheetos Puffs!

Author — Rhetty for History


I love how he said they are pretty much the first people to have been there
I went camping there like 3 years ago🤣

Author — Tim Milner