Samsung Future Technology That Will Blow Your Mind - The World In 2020

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Samsung Future Technology That Will Blow Your Mind - The World In 2020 5
You will experience the future technology coming in 2020. These technologies are imagined by Samsung and will blow you away. 2020 is in less than 2 years ,but a lot of new amazing and cool gadgets will hit the market . In 2020 ,displays,smartphones,robots and many other gadgets will evolve for the best.
The upcoming technology for 2020 are incredible.
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21 months left....Hop to it Samsung, im expecting the world to be one gigantic touch screen very soon

Автор — The Modern Investor


wow, a future full of screens everywhere and almost no advertising? Seems very unrealistic :)

Автор — Nicolas Marinus


And we can buy those things in 2030 :v (we need money bro :'D)

Автор — DentaDx


maybe a bit later. the price will probably drop when the world start to integrate this tech slowly

Автор — Krispy Krep


They found a way to put a camera and screen on everything we already have. Can’t we invent something new besides same old shit over and over. Let’s put a tablet inside a refrigerator. Wtf I can do that with double sided duct tape and save a boat load.

Автор — Tre Van


these things will be expensive in 2020 btw lol

Автор — Ar0x Gaming


awsome let's not carried away though 🙄We need first screens that can bend now at a afforable price for reg people👍

Автор — John Mendoza


Very interesting how much does it cost

Автор — снаамлли мрбаоьисп


I don’t want future technology to come.

Автор — Mohammed Musa


World reacher company nanotech developer company developes this stuff and companies like LG and Samsung buys it

Автор — Jimmy Paga


Guys calm down this will happen a little later somewhere around 2030

Автор — Chris Gutierrez


lol mostly for people with income 500k+++ while us poor people with average income of 24k+ play with fidget spinners...

Автор — TruXByakuya


Vitural blocks. Are they saying, they're be no real blocks in the future?

Автор — Buttercup Estes


Bakwaas aysa kuch nahi hoga sirf 2 sal baki hai

Автор — mahendra kumar


They make industry propose . just like price people.

Автор — hitesh chaplot


2020 ? No thanks I want Apple products for my seventeenth birthday (in 2020)

Автор — AppleGiro


Nah there is alot of testing etc before tech gets on the market, this video is more like in 2022-2024

Автор — Shawn W


I won't be able to afford any of this stuff. I'm broke as heck.

Автор — MesgeSheep 86


I think Samsung is trying to take over the world and I like it

Автор — Gaming Wit D