Mega Disasters - Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster

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Mega Disasters - Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster 4.5
Mega Disasters - Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster Seconds from Disaster is an American documentary television series that first began broadcasting in 2004 on the

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I'm glad I decided to shut this off while I was next to my sleeping wife before the glitch. I was just seconds from disaster there...

Author — eager400


That glitch nearly gave me a heart attack. I thought my phone was getting ready to explode😱😂

Author — Angela W


That glitch started a chain of critical events that led to me spilling my coffee on my shirt

Author — 404UserNotFound


".... something is terribly wrong!"
I'm guessing that it started at 00:42.

Author — WhoWantsToKnow81


As a wise man once chimed in- “haven’t you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door.”

Author — Lazy Existentialist


Even my $1500 car has a light and buzzer saying "door ajar".

Author — Martin Cline


I see a pattern with these mega disasters. Too many people in a hurry.

Author — HaleyMaryArtzab


Many of these tragedies seem to have 1 common denominator. Companies rushing procedures to make money.

Author — Chris Checketts


Who else thought there PC / Laptop / Phone or whatever had just frozen hard! Not cool

Author — Tom Bedford


193 people dead, $400, 000 pound fine and 3 years of suspension? So each of those human lives was worth $2073 and 5 1/2 days suspension. Great job.

Author — TurboCMinusMinus


You say Mega Disasters, I say 0:42 Seconds from disaster.

Author — Snowman_Fred


With computer simulations and state of the art technology, they can go into the heart of the disaster to discover the mysterious cause of the accident.

Never mind, Someone left the doors open.

Author — Shadysif


All he needed was a alarm like this to wake him up.0:42

Author — Billybadass


A 19-year-old boy forgot to close the bow-deck doors so is responsible for this disaster? I don't think so.

Author — Susannah Hayward


A lot of people died because
* one person took too long of a nap
* no one double checked the doors because they were in a hurry
* the ship went faster than usual (also because they were in a hurry)

Think about that the next time you're running late.

Author — GhostfaceGirl180


Hi, welcome to McDonalds, what can I get you?

Me: can I get 0:43

Author — Nicole lederer


I'd bet real money that it was pretty common practice to leave those bow doors open. Of course nobody would admit that after the accident.

Author — Bushwacker


everybody should learn to swim as young as possible... even if they only learn to float and paddle at least they can keep their head above water....

Author — Una Salus Victis


Those divers were amazing. Most of them weren't rescuers, yet they dared to go inside an unstable, capsized wreck at night to save people.

Everyone involved with the rescue was fantastic and hats off to them all, but those divers were absolute heroes.

Author — 1Korlash


why is there no indicator light or gauge on the bridge so the captain can see if was open or come on