Voyager Journey to the Stars

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Voyager Journey to the Stars 5

Cosmic Journeys examines the great promise of the Voyager mission and where it will lead us in our grand ambition to move out beyond our home planet. The two Voyager spacecraft are part of an ancient quest to push beyond our boundaries... to see what lies beyond the horizon. Now tens of billions of kilometers from Earth, two spacecraft are streaking out into the void. What will we learn about the Galaxy, the Universe, and ourselves from Voyager's epic Journey to the stars?

December 19, 1972... the splashdown of the Apollo 17 crew capsule marked the end of the golden age of manned spaceflight. The Mercury.... Gemini... and Apollo programs had proven that we could send people into space... To orbit the Earth.... Fly out beyond our planet... Then land on the moon and walk among its ancient crater.

The collective will to send people beyond our planet faded in times of economic uncertainty, war, and shifting priorities. And yet, just five years after Apollo ended, scientists launched a new vision that was just as profound and even more far-reaching.

It didn't all go smoothly. Early computer problems threatened to doom Voyager 2. Then its radio receiver failed, forcing engineers to use a back up. Now, after more than three and a half decades of successful operations, the twin spacecraft are sending back information on their flight into interstellar space. Along the way, they have revealed a solar system rich beyond our imagining.

The journey was made possible by a rare alignment of the planets, a configuration that occurs only once every 176 years. That enabled the craft to go from planet to planet, accelerating as they entered the gravitational field of one, then flying out to the next. The Voyagers carried a battery of scientific equipment to collect data on the unknown worlds in their path. That included a pair of vidicom cameras, and a data transfer rate slower than a dialup modem.

Here at SpaceRip, we value the exploration of the unknown. We surpass boundaries for the sake of uncovering the mysteries of the cosmos and what they may tell us about our origin and our future. With our videos, we hope to educate our viewers on how we fit into the universe, and more so how we can do our part to better it.

We have partnered with MagellanTV with the goal of providing our viewers with insight regarding our uncertain future on Earth and beyond. Equipped with knowledge, we hope to inspire people to enact change and pave the way for a better tomorrow.


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So they could still communicate with things that are billions of km away from 1977 and I can't even get full wifi bars upstairs...#Interesting

Author — Mathias Gerin


If i have the oportunity of live forever i choose to live travelinng across universe for eternity

Author — Joel Cruz


That is possibly the best decision NASA has made. Sending spacecraft out of solar system and exploring beyond. We should do it again with the newest technology we have. Great Program!..

Author — Nature Of Wild


Something about the Voyager pair makes me profoundly sad.

Author — catothewiser


''Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.'' C. Sagan

Author — PD Knowledge


Isnt it time for a voyager 3 mission, with technology from this age? I think it would even discover more.

Author — Björn St.


this brings tears to my eyes.knowing that voyageur would still be travelling in the somewhat endless space long before we go extinct

Author — flyer boy


I vaguely remember back in the 60"s
having a smoke
laying awake at night looking up at the stars and thinking ...
Damn I really got to get that hole on my roof fixed sometime

Author — Philip Fry


Every time after watched this kind of documentaries, I always have the same feeling. We human being are so tiny and we complains everyday about what happens in our life. We need to let go, because these are nothing compare to what happens outside of our home.

Author — Shangda Jin


You are the greatest explorer and ambassador we've ever known, Voyager. We salute you, and we're cheering you on.

Keep on cruising, and hope to hear form you again soon.

Author — Agent Washington


Many people don't seem to know that it'll take another 100, 000 years or so for Voyager to reach the nearest star Alpha Centauri....incomprehensible distances, boggles my mind when i think about it. I think a turtle crawling from Earth to the Moon might make it there before Voyager reach Alpha Centauri.

Author — Luan Phan


I've been following this little ship since I was a young child. The magical ship that went to the stars. Now of course as an adult I understand, but it's still magical to me. This is such a romantic story, this beautiful machine sent fourth carrying the hope of humanity on it's wings.

Author — Ivan Bunny


Still a better love story than twilight

Author — Cereal Killer


Voyager needed a friend to go with it so it wouldn't get lonely.

Author — Sasqautch


I like this narrator, he`s in many space documentaries, and he`s very calming to listen to, but without being dull or plain..

Author — A Frog


Why are we alone in this universe. It makes no sense. Too many stars, too many planets. We need some proof of our cosmic brothers and sisters out there. we need a message from them, a sight. I hope voyager finds anything, but by now, it wont be able to communicate back to us. its sad. hopefully, the lives it will find out there, will be advanced to be able to understand the golden record. to decode the message and maybe send there own to us.

Author — Joshua Muzaaya


I like the low-key approach these videos take. No drama, no hype. Just the facts, ma'am.

Author — Baruch Ben-David


Wow, this video really makes me think about everything...

Author — Jeroen


i really love watching vids like this.
made me really amaze.
but HONESTLY, i do not understand most of it, Lol!
just the images made me amazed.

Author — swit tsokoleyt


The far away picture of earth is fascinating to me.

Author — kacey Illiot1669