Gopher Snake

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  • ℹ️ Published 15 years ago

Gopher Snake swallows adult rabbit in Arizona by the Arizona Game and Fish Department

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I love these guys. They really help keep the rodent population down on my Uncle's ranch.

Author — Fishhunter2014


I live in Arizona and I walked about 3 inches away from one of these snakes. I think it was larger than the one on the video, but it could be the shot. I had no idea what type of snake it was since I'm not from here, but it didnt raise it's head or shake it's tail... I probably would have had a heart attack if it had, since I didnt know if it was poisonous or not. I'm not afraid of snakes, but I can say the size alone of this snake was very intimidating.

Author — Misty Wolf


That's so true, when I saw one in the wilds, I mistaken it for a rattlesnake because of it's behavior trying to immitate a rattler.

Author — Chee Xiong


My dog just cornered a big one of these in my back yard. In my 3 year old's sand box to be specific. Kind of freaky but I just scared it away. When I was a kid I would catch snakes with no fear. But now that I am old I wasn't up for that, I just chased it into the front yard.

Author — Killdozer77


Yesterday I caught a 5 foot gopher snake!

Author — FerreneMachine


Gopher snakes are my personal favorite.

Author — Joseph Munda


I have 3 Gopher snakes. These snakes are great pets. I also have a video of them on my channel. it seems that my 3 snakes look so different from each other. Can you guys help me out in classifying my gopher snakes? thanks!

Author — PrimeSlime


i gott a little guy hes probly about a foot like if that

Author — marc crowley