Haulin' Kenworth Trucks | American Truck Simulator 1.35

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jeff the type of guy to haul kenworth trucks with a peterbilt

Author — tomas gonzalez


whats more aesthetic than blinker lights clicking in the rain?

Author — WarsaW


Jeff: hey Kenworths u wanna go for a ride
Kenworths: ok 'thumnail pops up'
Love the video man keep it up

Author — Adrian North


Do more videos with yoke/wheel cam Jeff! Loving these

Author — Jason Sholtes-Green


That windows update you were talking bout.. I had the same problem too.. Ets2 was just crashing like helll

Author — Aditya Limaye


Your videos help me relax. Love the trucks and realism

Author — Ali Khadour


So far the best OS i have found for gaming is Windows 7. Windows 10 just screws you over big time

Author — Excontinental Mapping


I remember on vacation once, the washing machine would play like a 30 second tune at the end of a cycle.

Author — Shadow the Hedgehog


11:16 LMAO they need to fix that... i mean come on

Author — GalaxyTraveler


Is it weird I get excited when he passes my city?

Author — MrEverything


Hey Jeff, Enjoyed as always brother. Congratulations on scoring an early copy of the new Washington DLC. Can't wait for it to come out but can't wait even more to see it on your channel and what it has to offer. Keep up the great work!

Author — Socal Thero


You're lucky you moved st louis had a bad tornado

Author — Quacky Cracker


Washington hype I’m so excited it’s coming

Author — Melvin Lopez


considering i live in washington... im pretty stoked lol

Author — Jon Bucknell


Hey Jeff, I broke my hand and haven’t been able to work. I just wanted to say thank you for keeping me entertained with your videos while I’m stuck at home, I never get tired of watching all of them.

Author — Jeremy Hudson


Hey Jeff good stuff once again 👍 I noticed it went from day to night fast as fuk seems a little unusual to me keep up the good videos Man

Author — keyhook


20:50 Huh ! It's been a while since the last time i got cut off like that in the game :))
I stopped using the traffic mods, but this was a very realistic cut off lol

Author — watchingponies


Both my traffic density mod ( by cip and on the ats forms )and jazzy cat traffic packs on 1.35

Author — Aidan's Rc, Go-Kart and camping Adventures


Thanks for another ats upload! Yea 135 is breaking everything lol cant wait for all the content you'll bring us with Washington coming up and 1.35

Author — Rollin Heavy Ats


Keep up the great work. You amazing. See ya man

Author — Carter Swett