mixed media canvas option 2

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this is the second one some of u wanted to see. this one I did used some polymer clay flowers i had made long ago. Had to make a second one for my other niece.
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Beautiful!!! 😍😍😍 I absolutely love that color!

Author — Michelle Brookbank


You are killin' me. I can't believe how creative you are. Damn, sweetie, these are just amazing!

Author — Stephanie Hancock


Just as gorgeous as the first one! :D 💜
I really love and appreciate that you encourage us to use what we have and don´t have to follow everything to the T :) sometimes when you watch someone and want to achieve a similar look, it´s easy to get stuck, but like you say, there´s so much you can use instead and still get a similar look! :)
If I were your niece, I would be over the moon for either one of these! 💜
Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring us :) I truly appreciate it!
Have a blessed day :)

Author — CrixJoki


Hello from Germany, Its so awesome, beautyful work.LG Dany 🥰❤️👍

Author — schattige pinie


Old Markers and rubbing alcohol will make sprays and if u have no mica use eyeshadow

Author — Jen Ferris