Parents Are Being Pushed To Brink By Daughter | Bad Behaviour (Full Documentary) | Real Families

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Parents Are Being Pushed To Brink By Daughter | Bad Behaviour (Full Documentary) | Real Families 4.5
A powerful and emotive examination of seven-year-old Georgina – a child out of control. After six years of terrible behaviour, parents Diane and Fred have decided to put her into care.

But at the last minute, they resolve to give parenting one more try through Warwick Dyer who has created a unique system of child behaviour management. It quickly becomes apparent that the blame for Georgina’s unacceptable behaviour lies squarely with her parents and Fred and Diane find themselves opening a Pandora’s Box of emotions.

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They were honest with themselves, sought help and were willing to change. Not everyone is so brave.

Author — Ingunn Reser


That mother’s first comment is exactly why I refuse to have children. It’s not for everyone. Thank God I realized that early!

Author — lovingmynaturalhair


The child knows her mother hates her and reacts to it.

Author — charlene owen


Ok when I first started watching this I literally couldn’t stand the little girl ..I thought she was horrible...after watching until the end I felt sad for her and realize that she was just starved for love

Author — Cameron Marchenko


This is an important documentary for parents to watch.

Author — LilyOfTheTower


At least the mother is being honest on how she feels and why some people will lie to make themselves look better to other people but you can tell she really doesn't know how to love her daughter and she's trying

Author — Carolyn Freeman


" my mom will be proud of me".... she needs her mommy to be emotionally available to her!!!!

Author — Joyce_ 91


This woman most likely had post natal depression was never diagnosed it has got worse and has left her with no bond with her daughter...her daughter feels not loved and it’s taken over all their lives

Author — Charlene Boyle


The mom admitting shes doesnt kiss her daughter goodnight was heartbreaking. I cried when she started to cry afterwards 😢

Author — Laura Gad


at least the mother is honest. That is the first step towards healing

Author — Simmi Sharma


This is actually a special needs mother, albeit high functioning. Why has no one acknowledged this?

Author — dian Iron Feather


One of the most touching documentaries I've ever seen. A broken mother at risk of breaking her daughter and learning to unlearn that. Incredible.

Author — Bryanna B


My heart goes out to this family. I can’t even imagine. I feel bad for the little girl but at the same time I feel bad for the parents. Makes me want to cry.

Author — MMN


That poor girl is LITERALLY showing them how she wants to be treated through how she treats her own doll! Why can't these parents see that???

Author — Andrea Brown


At the begining when she kept calling the child "it" and saying she should have "killed it" before she was born, it sent shivers down my spine. I agree, I think she has some sort of postpartum. I also think some people are not made to be mothers and as a society we need to stop making women feel like there is somthing wrong with them if they don't want to have children. I can't tell you how many times people have asked me "When are you going to have kids?" And then the looks I get when I tell them never is crazy. now that I am 40 it is much less but many people still don't understand a woman who doesn't want to have children.

Author — Jillian M


Her husband is such a great partner he has so much empathy and patience

Author — Brooke Lerner


I too struggle sometimes with my toddler baby boy. He's so loving, and then very mean. I've gone through alot with his father, and sometimes in front of him. So, I make it up, by trying to be the best mommy. I'm still a work in progress....

Author — Sunshine Johnson


Can they make an updated so we can see her now in 2019

Author — Esther Aceves


The parents aren’t giving her any affection and she desires it she’s acting out because she desires a mothers love nu doesn’t know how express it.
Ive noticed that people from certain cultures have difficulty showing affection and emotion!

Author — Modest One


I think this mother is on the spectrum.

Author — Skeeter Lynn