Emergency 24-hour RATION Mission Specifics | Menu 1 - Tuscan Beef & Chicken & Rice

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Emergency 24-hour RATION Mission Specifics | Menu 1 - Tuscan Beef & Chicken & Rice 5

Tasting my first emergency ration which contains meals, snacks and rations to feed a person for 24-hours. Big thanks to BlackDogBob for sending this one to me. :)

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Emmy, I fell asleep twice while watching your videos, not because they're boring but because your voice is so soothing. I love your videos, I binge watch them

Author — High Priestess


Emmy, you should try surviving 24 hours on a 24 hour MRE ration and see how it goes

Author — Andthenitdawned


Hi Emmy! Would you consider doing like a camp-style video where the only food you have is a 24 hour ration? Might be interesting.

Author — Jessica Tubby


Me: She didn’t use the hot sauce!!!!
Emmy: I didn’t use my hot sauce!! Let’s bring the entree back in
Me: thank god!!

Author — Sara Boo


i would've eaten the tortilla with the chicken and rice and hot sauce

Author — Strawbérry Milk


“Alright let’s drink this water.”
*takes a sip*
“Mmmm, tastes like water”


Author — Lucia V


I LOVE the sound of kids playing in the woods in the background! Having grown up in the country, it does my heart good to know that there are kids out there who spend time playing and having fun in nature!

Author — Mark Mallecoccio


Between snorting smarties and "watering trees", the kids throughout your life must've been somethin', all right.

Author — Cestélle


When the apocalypse comes we won’t have any rations because Emmy ate them all 😂

Author — Manuel Martinez


When I was in school I also saw kids crush up smarties and snort them. I guess they were practicing & preparing for the real thing 👀😂

Author — J_CopelandMakeup


Being from Ontario Canada, it's so weird hearing those candies being called 'Smarties'. We call those, Rockets, which is what they are called and says on the package. Our smarties are chocolates covered by a candy shell. And no, they aren't our 'M&M's' as we have them as well. We have both smarties and m&m's. Both are chocolates covered with a candy coating. Smarties generally have a thicker candy coating then m&m's, and most of us like one or the other. I like both tbh.

Author — Gecko Girl


I would have put the chicken rice dish in a tortilla with some hot sauce and made it a MRE taco 🌮 lol

Author — CJxLuvly


Ironically, my boyfriend had the same kind of swiss army key, and he'd had it for years. Gone through security, airports, everything. It got confiscated at freaking Universal Studios..He was so sad.

Author — Kat Karrier


It took me a moment to understand the "watering the trees" statement 😂 I was like awe that's sweet but then oh, 🤣

Author — Mslovelyshot Mrs. Dawn


When you do a ration tasting, do you eat the rest of it, share it with your family, or just toss it? No judgement at all if you toss it, I'm just curious! Love your videos :)

Author — B M


Loved the video but I kept thinking that a bear was going to do his own MRE review of you.

Author — seanecmc


Omg my new favorite person to binge watch! Several yrs ago when I was in school to be a nursing assistant, our professor brought the class in a whole box of different MREs to try at the end of class. Her son was in the military and these were leftover MREs he had stored in her garage. Our class had so much fun trying them out and critiquing them! If you ever wanna do an MRE critiquing video with anyone, look me up! I'm game! It'd be a blast!

Author — Deanie Clark


6:13 so THAT'S how corn nuts are made. Jinkies! Mystery solved, gang!

Author — Brazil Doublemint Gum 144


This kinda hit me hard, I'm from Houston, and I've lived here over 25 years. I got lucky last year during Harvey, we only lost our floors and some old side tables (that should have gone years ago) but this makes me think of all those people who weren't lucky, who really needed something like this. Luckily we came together to support each. But this really makes me think of Katrina survivors, casulaty wise it was much worse

Author — Alyssa Marie


Are you sure those are children? Sounds like falcons haha

Author — Dyanne Abobo