Shovelware Diggers - Week 23

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With some help we managed to recover a failed dig from a couple weeks ago! ...though the resulting game was barely anything at all. Still, most of the games today fall into that category of simple yet interesting, granted one of them isn't actually a game. :P

Current Excavation: Softkey Shareware 2000 Hit Games

This Week's Digs:


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Actually the Bonk Barney game wasn't that challenging to make since it is basically the SWAT.PAS example from Turbo Pascal for Windows's OWLDEMOS (OWL being Borland's old GUI framework and BWCC.DLL is the Borland Windows Custom Controls). The author replaced the gnat from the original game with Barney.

(also FWIW there were some other versions of Swat, like one with slightly a better graphic for the gnat and gray background that was written in Borland C++ - again to show OWL)

Author — badsectoracula


There's a couple of newer games that use the mechanics of Star Buster without being text only. Galcon is the one I know, but there are others.

Author — Todd Barchok


The Squeaky Mouse utility is taking your mouse pointer to the 'default' option. It actually said that in the readme, but you didn't read far enough. :)

Author — GreyHulk2


That Squeaky Mouse reminded me of Neko, another "desktop pet" from a Japanese developer. What is it with Japanese and these things? ;-)

There were also lots of those programs for Win95, called "desktop toys", "deskmates" or similar....

Author — Darkstar


Wonder what "Friends with Icon Police" in the Squaky Mouse settings does. Wasn't even aware that that agency exists.

Author — kshade


dude my cousing used that squeaky mouse when i saw for the first time i laughed my ass off

6:50 i saw a critical mass icon, my favorite game ever!

Author — Meatwad


Squeeky Mouse made me think of VirtualGirl for Windows95 :D

Author — Cyrillo Baggins


I would have tried "bartender, drink" or "give me a drink" rather than something specific like "beer." But if that didn't work I would've probably just quit the game right there.

Author — Jispy Moe Dantes


I think the 1994/19/24 in the Squeaky Mouse readme is a typo, and that it's supposed to be 1994/10/24.

Author — Brett Prichard


Pixelmusement, i didn't find the starbusters on any known sharewere or free legal sites. Beside the sites provided on your site, about dos game downloads, can you provide more sites ?

Author — Roarke's carnivorous plants and retro pc games