Backstop indispensable, Macron tells Johnson - BBC News

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Backstop indispensable, Macron tells Johnson - BBC News 4.5
Boris Johnson is meeting Emmanuel Macron in Paris for Brexit talks, with the French president saying the UK's vote to quit the EU must be respected.

But he added that the Ireland-Northern Ireland backstop plan was "indispensable" to preserving political stability and the single market.

The backstop, opposed by Mr Johnson, aims to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland after Brexit

Mr Johnson said that with "energy and creativity we can find a way forward".

On Wednesday German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the onus was on the UK to find a workable plan.

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No controls by the UK on the Irish border? Therefore no tariffs between the UK and EU? Therefore any EU citizen can enter and leave the UK as they wish though Ireland? So what on earth is Brexit all about? (Or is Boris Johnson perhaps not telling the truth?)

Author — Niall O'Brolchain


Charles De Gaulle proved to be right about British membership... constant whingeing and traitorous love for America.

Author — Sawrattan


Boris Johnson is another younger trump in my opinion.

Author — lucky chinedu


Boris makes me laugh everytime I listen to him LOL he makes boring politics interesting

Author — admin guy


Johnson has now 2 top-European leaders politely saying to him he can go to hell. And he is asking the directions in return.

Good show.


Author — Marco Anonymous


Perhaps now that Johnson has a good job he can afford to get a good haircut. I'm sure Trump will be happy to share his hair spray.

Author — Margaret D


Hey! The Amazon is on Fire big time. You know Air provided by trees

Author — Leave Mealone


So let battle commence . The Blond Turk with a first in Classical Greek and a first in Restaurant Trashing versus The Napoleon wanna B with a first in Granny Shagging .

Author — Tom Dooley


Alright, England has their own Trump!

Author — Wayne Riley


Has anyone ever thought about giving Boris Johnson a Comb?

Author — 1manuscriptman


Wow 😮 the USA is embarrassed by Twump. Now the U.K. can be embarrassed by Boris

Author — James Lade


The Technical Phrase for This Situation

Author — cheryl taylor


The title is misleadingat at best, that's not what Macron said, he said that the goals of the backstop are to be met, not the backstop itself.

Author — Dario Bigongiari


nice macron telling boris he can get to france finely helping bojo realise he was already


Author — Rainblaze


Maybe i missed it, but has Boris Johnson even said whats his alternative to the Backstop is?
I just hear him saying its bad and he doesnt want it.

Author — Hans Wurst


No Boris; those Chemical Weapons attacks were definitely FALSE FLAG ATTACKS, DONE BY THE JEWS THAT DID 9/11 IN ORDER TO EXPAND SHITRAHELL !!!!

Author — Alejandro Garcia


The Thing about Brexit is that Europe, Britian and even Ireland will be Better Off. Go France Go.

Author — Chris Griffiths


"Not have a check at the frontier..." Sounds like Colonizers ready to plunder without oversight.

Author — Dallas Taylor


The Backstop is a reinforcement of the GFA. It s needed to provide a stable situation for Ireland (and NI). The UK has promised to honor the GFA, so the Backsop should not be an issue. Only scammer get angry when bound to their promises.
If the UK wanted to renege on the GFA it should be honest about it (to itself and its neighbors).

Author — Karsten Schuhmann


No British flag flying here, at least Germany flew all three.

Author — Phil Platt