SONIC FAN GAMES - Bumper Engine (All Characters)

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The Bumper Engine by SuperSonic68

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I love how the fan-base strives to keep Sally alive.

Author — Darkky


This is less of a fan game and more a fan project. It's designed to show off the capabilities of this engine and what it means for 3D Sonic fan game development.

Author — Sonicrunn3r


Eyyy! Great showcase!
I couldn't help but notice that you struggled with those half-pipes. The idea is that you're meant to roll into them, Sonic 2 Casino Night-style! You can roll at any time using the Right Bumper (for Xbox), or whatever equivalent gamepad you are using.


Author — SuperSonic68


Wow this the first fan engine in a long while that was truely impressive to me.
Movement seems fluid and precise with a good compromise between speed and control.

Oh and the alt models are cool too I guess

Author — Someone YouDontKnow


This showcase is great, the second level (shadow, blaze, etc.) is exactly how I feel sonic levels should be, open and free roaming, but also linear and having a clear direction. Granted I’d want longer levels than what’s shown but it allows for some great platforming and speed boost sections. Also if the characters were fully programmed and all the bugs were removed etc. but other than that lovely showcase

Author — Cameron St.Bernard


It’s looking Great! Graphics are good, and I like the Sonic adventure play style. Camera seems to follow along better too.

As for things I think could be better:
Try mixing up the stats, and add more mechanics to the characters. That way the characters perform more uniquely to one another and can function more than just player skins.
Another thing that could work, try inserting character select as an actual mechanic. Kind of like DK64 with the barrel. Maybe set aside a special ring that enables you to pick your character there on the spot.

You could also set up some unique challenges and obstacles to match the characters and fit them in the same map. Like Sally for example. She’s the only one with blades, why not give her something to cut through. Silver has telekinesis, you could pick out certain bits of the map that would be fun to lift and throw around piece back together to reach a certain goal, like a puzzle. Espio is a ninja, just give him throwing blades and a stealth mode and something no other character can just pass through on raw speed or power.

I hope this helps to inspire more ideas. Good luck with your game. ^_^

Author — Boss


Gosh this is top-notch engine.

That Green Hill Paradise engine looked too bombastic. Sonic seems more tightly controllable here while still being reasonably fast.

Also this environment reminds me of the stunt course in Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA.

Author — SolidSonicTH


I can't wait to see what characters people can create with this engine, considering its flexibility.

Author — Sling Blue-Eyes


This is what sonic team really needs to do, make the same gameplay style based around all characters, yet give them specific details to differentiate themselves from one another.

Author — LennFennex


Seriously, light speed dash is FLAWLESS

Author — sonicfind


With Sally being a playable character, I can foresee some neat fangames based off the Archie comics in the near future.

Author — D Prototype


Probably the best engine as of now for sonic fan games, it totally beats that old blitz one.

Author — Valdo


Streamline it and add extra abilities to each characters so they aren’t just simple clones and you got yourself a perfect start to another adventure game. Like shadows mele attack in 06 etc

Author — Jesterfromthecave


Whenever Espio’s playable in a game, said game is always an automatic 10/10 for me 😆

Author — TygerWulf Productions


One problem I've had for a while, was excluding 1 or 2 games, 3D fan games are pretty much engine tests.
This would be cool if the engines were ever used, and not just there to be like "look at this cool thing we can do".

Seriously, other than Sonic World or Sonic Robo Blast 2, there are pretty much no actual fan *games* just fan *engines*.
What's worse is that clearly effort is put into this stuff that effectively a tech demo for fan game makers but that point comes back it's *never used*, so at this point these aren't engines they are test stages you're allowed to roam in disguised as demos for games that will never come out.

And that's just depressing.
Kinda makes me realize how wrong I am when I make the claim that the best thing Sonic Team could do is just pass the torch to the fans, ask the people behind World, Sonic Tenderations, and/or Robo Blast 2 to make a 3D game.
Because with that much pressure to make a complete commercial game, we'd never get a finished product out of it.

Author — Julie Winchester


Before you say something about the characters in the comment section, read this, or other comments like it.

*it is an engine. not a game itself, put in the characters if you want, it's open source, meaning ANYONE can edit it. Again, it is NOT a game, it is an ENGINE.*

Author — HotChocolate


Hopefully every character will be different in the end. I noticed some characters have an extra ability, but every character needs to feel like someone else.

Author — Max Bearington


Wow, many people complaining about the lack of differences between characters. It's *open-source* just change the character's behavior and abilities. Even add other characters like Tails and Knuckles if you want.

Author — Waterninja20


Man, the creator sure makes good art.

Author — Simon Sophie Millie Hellerich


Everybody's all like "this is just remodels of Sonic!" and I'm just here like; "Why did Silver get Rouge's Theme?"

Author — Karmic Shock