Making a MDF Door and Door Frame (from a reclaimed door) - Workshop Upgrade Part 7

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Making a MDF Door and Door Frame (from a reclaimed door) - Workshop Upgrade Part 7 4.5

In this video I show you how to make a door. I'm building my new workshop door from scratch. I'm using reclaimed glass from an old door that was destined for the skip. The materials from the old door will be used in future projects so subscribe to see what happens! The new door is made from 12mm MDF and pine. I'm using MDF since it's more soundproof and insulating than other materials. Enjoy!

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Author — Gosforth Handyman


That was so much fun to watch!
Your skills are amazing!
I am going to try and build a door for the basement now, it’s an odd size and very expensive to have made.
Oh, I’m a new viewer to you channel, been watching for about four days now. FYI I’m in Columbus, Ohio - 🇺🇸

Author — Brian Bishop


You sure are brilliant in what you do and you’ve just given me the confidence to get making! Thank you very much for sharing your unrivalled knowledge. You’re good.

Author — Remybird 05


Good job, but a lot of work. I just used the old, solid wood front door from my house. 3 bevelled windows on top, solid and pretty soundproof and best if all, free.

Author — Hue Janus


Just found this series, really nice. You have answered most my queries in other comments but was there any reason for not adding a wall/insulation either side of where the garage door is?

Author — Rob Hamer


More of a craftsmen than a handy man. Since your in the UK could you do a video if you ever get time or place on what to do with replacing door frames. I was thinking about ripping the old ones out and lining with timber like our American friends do that way to give a good base to fit door frame to rather than mess around with shimming out more than i need and finding a good fixing with different wall materials (Brick and black breezeblock) I will probably either have to get smaller doors 27" or make the opening larger. I might of answered my own question really with the amount of work that would take.

Think i might just have to make custom frames rather than off the shelf rubbish.

Author — Y-it-Earp


Absolutely fantastic job! You have a new fan in Connecticut! ❤️

Author — Randy Bruno


I admire your work, I wish I could make my own door like this, I'll be so proud. Thanks for the video.

Author — Moos Shabaz


Great job! Really enjoying your channel and the fast music that pops up make me laugh.

Author — FiscalWoofer


Never seems to need a plane or planer/thicknesser. Rarely even a router yet the results are great. Inspiring

Author — AN Other


Nicely done, the door as well as the video and edit. Enjoyed watching and learning without burdensome lecture.

Author — Underwaystudios


Nicely done and an inspiration for my workshop in progress for this beginner woodworker. Keep it up, i like your video`s very mutch. I sub`d for the next video`s becaurse i don`t want to miss a thing!!

Author — Loui Hendrikx


Great job bro, but where is the thumbnail image in this video's

Author — Bhagat singh supporter





What a great series Andy. Loved it. It's a credit to you mate looks a treat.

New to your channel and podcast. Working my way through yours and Peters back catalogues. It's taking over my life....😁😁😂😂👍👍👍

Author — Woodshop74


Hi I've just subscribed to your channel and have to say I'm loving your videos. Can you tell me the make of your palm router and would you recommend buying one.
Cheers Terry from Gateshead.

Author — Terry Robinson


Andy that is a very nice job on building the door. Keep up the nice work I do enjoy your projects as well as your Geordie sense of humour.

Author — Michael Fitzpatrick


Brass lock with silver handle is a no, no!
(from a locksmith)
Great video, really enjoy your stuff.

Author — G C


Absolutely cracking job enjoyed every minute of that.
Great approach as well. No commentary probably makes it easier for you to create but you did things so clearly and held camera position a few times to emphasise a point. Brilliant.
Very informative and super enjoyable upload.

Author — D Lamb


I love the work and I have been train how can I get the job.

Author — Valentine Nji