You probably never knew this about your Playstation controller

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Here's a couple very interesting secrets that most people never noticed about the Playstation 4 controller! These hidden tips and tricks are only noticed by users who look carefully.. What you will see is that your PS4 controller is telling you something very helpful! If you enjoy these Playstation life hacks videos, make sure to leave a like rating on the video and subscribe!
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Can't we just appreciate that his controllers are so clean

Author — @arnav7413


Also periodically watch your light bar while playing games. With Fallout the lightbar changes colour to the HUD colour you select. Saints Row 4 the light bar changes to Saints purple. Also in certain games where you can sneak, it will notify you when you are spotted by changing to like a red or something and then will return to its prior colour. The led bar is so wild when you stop and pay some attention to it.

Author — @aoifezeleska8914


The lightbar also pulsates as it’s charging. The slower the pulsation, the more charged the controller is. Very subtle, but it is a thing.

Author — @tasshreve


You don't need to turn your playstation off, just the controller.
Whilst the controller charges, the LED pulses an orange colour.
Depending on the level of charge, the pulse will be faster when low battery and slows down as it charges.
You can also use a last gen android phone charger and wall plug to charge the controller instead of plugging it in the playstation.
When the controller is off, hold share and ps button for a few seconds to enable Bluetooth scanning, then the device will be seen by other Bluetooth devices and you can link it to your phone or PC.

Author — @legzdavit


Am I the only one who wants the pressure sensitive buttons from the dual shock 2 back? Even though only a few games used it I really miss that functionality. I feel like it was a little too advanced for some devs at the time but now the could really take advantage of it. I hope the dual sense has this built in. Even if devs don’t program for it at least give us the ability to program for it.

Author — @savageminion5257


It changes in some games, in gta for example it goes blue and red when wanted, white in a loading screen and blue/green/orange depending on the person you're playing as in storymode

Author — @idkmyownnameplshelp9218


It changes colors based on the game:
Dying Light: Green (safehouse)
Red (chase)
White (regular)
GTA: based on story mode character or the color of your car in online
Flashes red and blue when with a wanted level
And also: im tired of typing on a small screen and most people haven't read this far lol

Author — @mandujas178


PS4 VR also uses light positioning (via the frontal-mounted PS Camera looking at the player), the colors and shape of Lightbars were designed as markers and registers for positioning and distance.

Author — @robertdefiance2314


Light bar also changes colors based on the game you’re playing (sometimes) Games like Killzone Shadowfall and Destiny, light bar turns red when you’re low on health, and red when very close to death and is green or light blue when at full health. Not many games use this feature.

Author — @PrimitiveAK


In borderlands, the light bar changes based on what element your gun is.

In destiny, the light bar changes depending on how your character is. Super charged will change the color to yellow and dead/waiting to revive would be red.

Author — @artley9


When playing Borderlands 2 and the Pre Sequel the light bar changes color depending on the gun you're using. Is a very neat feature Gearbox thought of, for example some guns turn it orange or purple but if the gun has fire or slag is a different grade of orange or purple.

Author — @flaconete80


"What you'll notice is while the controller is charging the light bar flashes orange."

Every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes...

Author — @BremboCalipers69


I really was expecting him to show how it changed colors like the one in the beginning 🤦🏻‍♂️

Author — @mynameisnotthomas4723


That charging one occurs in my controllers even when they are not connected to the PS4 and into a regular adapter.

Author — @tanishduggal7043


While you can't actively change the light bar's color while it's connected to your PS4, if it's connected to your PC, you can use the Steam controller options to change the color freely.

Author — @Dw7freak


The best use of the lightbar I can recall is Alien Isolation switching from green to red when the Xenomorph is on your radar. Playing at night, that was just fantastic.

Author — @SebLeCaribou


Also, in castle crashers whichever color you choose (like orange or gray) the controller light changes to the hero you choose. Pretty cool if you ask me tbh

Author — @Upbeat-egghead0


Some games will change the colour of the controller
In gta 5 while playing with Michael, the light is blue, while playing with Franklin, it’s green and it’s orange for Trevor also it changes when you are wanted by police it will turn blue and red...
I also know that in fallout 4 the colour will change to green if you activate the flashlight.

Author — @benjyzf1976


Actually u can change your controller color even if u have one controller. Basically u need a universal game because it enhances different colors. So if u have any of the little big planets u can go to customization and change your ps4 color. Now if u have a game like titan fall or titan fall to actually go to multiplayer and go to settings. It will say controller light bar. U can change it to any color. BUT if ur there and u press square it goes to more options. U can pick flashy and it will auto magically flash different colors about every two seconds like the beginning of the video. Hope this helps u. I know alot of u wanted it :)

Author — @Starwberry_Hyena


Such simple and yet such cool facts. Thank you! :)

Author — @bradleycontreras4736