How Tai Sabaki Works in Karate Moves

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How Tai Sabaki Works in Karate Moves

In this exclusive karate-moves video, shotokan karate instructor Joe Mirza delves into a concept found in the heian shodan — the concept of tai sabaki.

"Tai sabaki literally means body movement," karate-moves expert Joe Mirza explains. "What we have in tai sabaki is the understanding that when someone attacks you, they're attacking your centerline."

"When someone attacks you," Joe Mirza explains, "they're not going to punch you in the biceps. They're going to punch you in the heart. When they punch you, they don't want to punch you in the hip; they want to punch you in the kidney.

"[Understanding] the concept of tai sabaki is very simple. [The] attack is coming to you; there's two ways to avoid it. The first way is if the attack comes, you move the attack out of your way."

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I just realized he was speaking English😆

Author — Yvon Dupuy


This video has nothing to do with Karate or Tai-Sabaki!

Author — Carlos Aviado


What does Joe Mirza have to do with this video????

Author — Biff C


i hate demonstrations where the punches are going to miss anyways. its a sign of a bad teacher and a bad student.

its easy to make punches miss if they were already going to miss someone standing still

Author — dxmakina