Witcher III GTX 950 + G3258 1920x1080 Gameplay with FPS

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

Parts used in build...
Asus GTX 950 2GB Graphics Card
Intel Pentium 20th Anniversary Unlocked Dual Core 3.2GHz Processor
2×4GB Kingston Hyper X Fury Red 1600Mhz DDR3 Ram
Asus Pro Gamer B85m Motherboard
Raidmax 500w Gold Rated Power Supply
Corsair Carbide SPEC-02 Gaming Chassis
Asus DVD Read/White Drive
WD 1TB Cavier Blue Hard Drive
Microsoft Windows 10 64bit

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Hey nice video. I found this video from a website and I am not that familiar with PC specs and stuff. I was thinking of following your specs but could it run games (720p) in 60FPS (not a triple A game) while recording? I wanna know since the video shows 1080 @ 30 FPS. Thanks! :D

Author — Broccoli


very nice, I am getting the GTX 950 soon to boost my Core 2 Duo E8400 just to run this amazing game, I will also add 8 GB of RAM. Then I will sell my old 9800GT and my old mobo along with the E8400 to get an i3 or an i5, then I will be also ready for DA: Inquisition. Fuck I am hyped to play the fuck out of Witcher 3.

Author — snchez210


do u think if i cap the fps to 30 in gtx 1060 it will be the same results + latest patch ?
i have g3250
plannign to get 1060
12 gb ram

Author — 360coins


is this overclocked? and can you overclock on that motherboard?

Author — Dragon20C


Will I be able to play this gpu on a G4400?

Author — Austin Rivera


Is this the Baboon gaming rig? Can you please do a Minecraft test and show it running 60 fps with shaders?

Author — Kruzon