What Can a Puff Adder Snake Bite Do to a Rhino?

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A puff adder's bite can do serious damage, even to an animal with skin as thick as a rhino's. The photographic evidence we have is not pretty.


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The Japanese have a word for this . I beleive it's pronounced " crickbait " .

Author — Mr Wdpkr


So... no footage of a puff adder biting a rhino. Nice.

Author — TheGreatslyfer


I was expecting a footage of the attack

Author — Questão


I watch this video everyday to see if I missed something

Author — Rick rick


Favorite channel to watch while sitting on the toilet 😊

Author — EmilioLV126


"Jk, there's no footage"
"but here's a picture in a book where it happened"

Author — Dean's World


Puff adders are my favorite venomous snake not because of how wicked the vonom is but because the puff adder will give plenty of warning before striking and compared to other snakes they're pretty chill

Author — Ralph Remo


And you wonder why most mammals hate snakes.

Author — TJ B


so what happens after, does the snake expand its jaws and swallow the Rhino whole?

Author — hmalm4819


Watching this gave me an idea. To make a video of the news of the day reading them from the newspaper.

Author — Lukas Haas


I like the high def video of an encyclopedia page...

Author — Joseph Clark


What a wondrous venom, yet lose to a mongoose

Author — Jusss


At least a mamba or cobra or krait's venom will bring down the CNS of a bite victim, an efficient and (compared to necrosis) mercifully fast death.. pit vipers like puff adders and rattlesnakes are just being fuckin' dicks.

Author — Ted Brogan


the rhino should know better,
you always bring a anti-venom+ whenever you enter the wilderness just incase you run into some pkers

Author — idrinkchocomil


0:56 Think that's my first time seeing a snake yawn.

Author — Dollar Sign H to the O 2 Dubbs


What happens when I throw my socks at the laundry basket and miss? Tune in. Pro narrator.

Author — bruce marrs


A few years ago we made a house fire where the owner had a ton of snakes in glass fish tanks in the rooms. One tank had a puff adder in it, in owner didn't want to talk about it and we checked with all the local hospitals and found there was no anti-venom to be had for this snake. He also had a 3' alligator in the tub and a fox and other critters in the house. State game wardens had a long talk with him, long after we left. Don't know what became of it

Author — Wild Bill


Vipers have huge fangs, especially the Puff Adder and Gabon Viper, which can penetrate the rhino skin. Elapids with smaller fangs may bite through soft tissue, like the trunk of an elephant, which is the case of an Indian king cobra against an elephant.

Author — Voyage Fest


puffy the magic adder is one tough dude. I know I keep one.

Author — Master Shot1911


These things appear in the area where i live, and they are beyond scary. They are of course part of nature, but it is one part i would gladly not meet up with. I saw one slithering across the main road into the village where i live, and this thing was massive, as thick as my calf. And their strike speed is a incredibly fast.
A friend of ours who has a dairy farm lost a fair few head of cattle to bites from these babies.

Author — Johan Combrinck