Murder and Fascism - Rise of the Ustaše | BETWEEN 2 WARS I 1934 Part 3 of 4

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Murder and Fascism - Rise of the Ustaše | BETWEEN 2 WARS I 1934 Part 3 of 4 5

King Aleksandar has been working to forge a single Yugoslav identity in his troubled Balkan state. But ethnic nationalism still runs strong, and a shadowy fascist movement fiercely committed to destroying Yugoslavia is emerging.

Hosted by: Indy Neidell
Written by: Francis van Berkel & Spartacus Olsson
Directed by: Spartacus Olsson and Astrid Deinhard
Executive Producers: Bodo Rittenauer, Astrid Deinhard, Indy Neidell, Spartacus Olsson
Creative Producer: Joram Appel
Post-Production Director: Wieke Kapteijns
Research by: Francis van Berkel
Edited by: Wieke Kapteijns
Sound design: Marek Kamiński

Oleg M, Dememorabilia, Julius Jääskeläinen, Adrien Fillon.

Image sources: FORTEPAN / Gyöngyi, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, TH-Bibliothek Zürich: Wehrli, Leo.

Icons from the Noun Project: jail by Strongicon, Police by IconTrack, Hand by Fahmi, coin stacks by emilegraphics, Government by Adrien Coquet, president by bezier master, dots by Alexander Skowalsky, List by Gregor Cresnar, Protest by Juan Pablo Bravo, crack by Dilon Choudhury, thunder by Phonlaphat Thongsriphong, Music by sanjivini, Death by Icon Island, curtains by Bartama Graphic.

A TimeGhost chronological documentary produced by OnLion Entertainment GmbH.

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There is a lot going on in this episode. Extreme nationalism, fascism, authoritarianism, terrorism, and so on so forth. These things are controversial enough, but they're also taking place in one of history's biggest minefields: the Balkans. We've done absolutely everything we can to stick to the facts and stay objective. It's a tough one to research but we have used credible academic texts and know we've done a good job.

If you think we've got something wrong, then feel free to (politely!) point it out in the comments. But remember that just because you don't like how a particular group or person has acted, it doesn't mean that the facts are wrong. Also, try to refrain from drawing any parallels with the modern-day to support your agenda. The fact that Yugoslavia struggled with ethnic tension has nothing to do with present-day debates on immigration and multiculturalism. Let's stick to history, not myth.


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Author — TimeGhost History


I'm going into the comment section, tell my family I love them.

Author — Jovan Mitrić


How contraversial do you wanna be?
Yuguslavia: yes.

Author — ??? ¿¿¿


I really hope a simillar episode will be done for Romania and the rise of the Iron Guard, the royal dictatorship as well as the dictatorship of Antonescu

Author — Alex Wallachian


"The crowd is infuriated, the police can't hold them. It's an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Pandemonium has broken loose! The mob is out to beat the man, and they'll do it too!" Old timey commentators were so eloquent in the way they described a situation, you truly have to admire that.

Author — Super Comrade


These three videos you've made so far on Yugoslavia have been truly great. I've never before come across a video on the topic of interwar Yugoslavia (or generally on south slavic ethnic tensions) that I didn't feel missed something important, but with this one, I truly have nothing to complain about. You have managed to condense that extremely sensitive and complicated topic into (so far) three 15-20 minute videos with more ability, clarity, grace and nuance than I've seen anyone do before. Really, I'm very impressed. Thanks for making these videos, and for doing the great work you do on this channel.

Author — Krešo


"Radical Peasant Democracy" is not something you want to see a government to call itself, lol.

Author — adizmal


King Alexander appoints half the senate.
Also King Alexander: I am the Senate!

Author — Robert Alaverdov


I always wonder why so many WW2 documentaries completely ignore this subject

Author — Sy Abelman


Long story short, Yugoslavia had been a failed state even before the second world war. King Alexander and Tito tried the impossible, to keep united some nations that really never wanted to be united.

Author — dragosstanciu


All the TimeGhost programs need to be used as learning resources in all US secondary schools ... just sayin'

Author — One Smooth Stone


why does this sound much like archduke franz ferdinand's assassination

Author — Selena Chan


Few important events were left out in the video. On the June 20th 1928, Serbian member of (Yugoslav) parliament, Puniša Račić (People's Radical Party) during parl. session, killed three Croat MPs of Croat's Peasant Party (among them, it's leader Stjepan Radić). This led to "6th of January" dictatorship of King Aleksandar. It lasted between 06.01.1929. and 03.09.1931. During that time, parliament was absolved, work of all political parties and unions were forbiden, hard censorship of the press was instituted. Constitution was suspended, and all legislative and executive power was held by the King. In 1929, the name of the state was changed from Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians to Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Country was divided to 9 "banovine".

Author — Nemanya81


This is still the BEST thing going on YouTube!

Author — Karl


4:47 Now we know what was Kaiser Willy doing after WW1 was over. He went to Yugoslavia to start a singing chorus!

Author — Podemos URSS


Surprisingly good pronunciation of the names!

Author — Nes Ra


19:32 "somehow he survives, he was taken in for interrogation. He dies later that evening." Hilarious.

Author — Saun Krystian


Today would have been my grandfather’s 79th birthday( he died this summer) and he was born in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1940, I am very lucky to be alive considering the time and place he was in.

Author — Alec Avdakov


Why is it called isolationism when the US does it but neutrality when Switzerland does it?

Author — iupetre


This is THE BEST and most complete video and explanation in general on this very sensitive topic. Excellent job!

Author — Kuro Azrem