All Villian Deaths On Uncharted 1, 2, And 3

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All Villian Deaths On Uncharted 1, 2, And 3 4.5

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03/03/20 is a monumental day in history, boys. The day this video hit 420K views. Very epic gamer moment; thank you.

Author — Saif Khan


anyone believe eddy could've been a reformed villain and ally to nate if he didnt die?

Author — Random Guy71


Lazaravich had the best death. Just hearing him scream in terror as the Shambalah Guardians beat the piss out of him is amazing.

Author — MrWildcard531


don't mess with Eddy raja. because you can't

Author — Big Meat


The only villains that I loved more than the others in Uncharted were Flynn, Eddy, and Rafe. Rafe is my favorite.

Author — Average Citizen


i miss the old voice of Harry Flynn...

Author — Cryptic9's Harrykyle


I wish eddy would of lived and been in other games

Author — noah stump


I always kind of thought Lazarevic didn't die, seeing as how he drank from the tree of life, but he'll spend the rest of his life eternally being pounded on and torn apart by those guardians, which is probably worse than death.

Author — Vegetarian Soylent Green


I never understood how Talbot pretty much ate most of the bullets he took. Earlier in the game he got shot and didn't even have a scratch on him when he appeared minutes later.

Author — RatchetXJ0


If a professional uncharted 4 multiplayer player plays Eddy raja and doesn't shout "DON'T MESS WITH EDDY RAJA" when he wins as number 1 they don't deserve to be called professional

Author — Fatty Drake


I mean when I first played uncharted 2 I thought Flynn was the villain in the boss fight

Author — Annie


I swear uncharted 1 had the worst villains.

Author — Yepp Yepp


I Love That All Of The Villans And Heris Come Back In Uncharted 4 Multiplayer

Author — Concerto Wubalubadubdub


It's amazing how far they came from Uncharted 1. It's still a good game, but like the next installments really come into their own and fully realized what the game was capable of being.

Author — Matt D


PSA: you can't actually sink over your head in quicksand. Could still die from exposure or drowning if there was a high tide though. Oh, Marlowe...

Author — kittikatz777


1:46 He becomes an infected runner from The Last of Us.

Author — Mega Man Rush Jet Renegade


Even though elena doesn't die in the best uncharted game ever uncharted 2 I still shed some tears just because of how great the game is and the series in general, and how this series was my childhood overall. If any of that makes any sense lol

Author — 3LI PALM3R


Anyone else find it weird how Nate's shirt changes color completely when it rains...?

Author — [GD] CodasBloodwing


How come we didnt get any multiplayer characters or skins on Uncharted 4 for completing the game on crushing and getting platinum ? Its so dumb. They should have awarded us with maybe a Henry Avery skeleton or something to use on multiplayer. I finished it on crushing but didnt feel as motivated as I was when I played Uncharted 2 which had Ghengis Khan and Marco Polo thats why its still the greatest Uncharted game ever.

Author — Nick Wayne


I actually loved Harry Flynn and i cried when he died, he was my favourite character tbh.

Author — night mime