The God Who Sees

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Kathie Lee Gifford & Nicole C. Mullen's modern oratorio telling the stories of Hagar, Ruth, David, and Mary and the promises God made to them.

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10 months ago when I posted on this song, I didn't know my husband would be diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer 5 months ago, but He is the God Who Sees. He is always faithful!! He is always good!! His promises are true!!

Author — Molders Mosaic


Every time I watch this, I can't help but weep. I see a little bit of myself in each story. But the thing I connect with the most, is the fact that I know that God sees me. What a wonderful reminder that the Creator of the universe cares so much about each person He has ever made.

Author — Shannan Collins


I can't explain the feelings that fills me when i watch this... Just so proud to be a follower of Christ! Thank you <3

Author — FreddiePrinze


I am 21 years of age, was suffering from depression and that was also the time I was in a dark place. I attempted suicide and got hospitalized. God told me it was not my time. After that, HE worked within me and HE used me to take my story and help others and make them realize that He is the God who sees and heals.
This song makes me more and more aware of how powerful our living God is. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!!!

Author — Ethan Conradie


When she sang, "Mary. Glory, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah" I was done. What a beautiful song!

Author — Michelle Mair


Never tire of hearing this song and crying my heart out of so much gratitude for God’s faithfulness!

Author — Judy MolOli


The Holy Spirit is in this done! If only we really knew the plans that God has for each of our lives. He sees....He loves us at our worst and only wants to bless us. Thank you Lord, for seeing me and loving me still.

Author — Linda Duncan


After studying the story of Hagar this song hits differently, God truly sees us! This song is beautiful 🙏

Author — Girly Essencee


I am living a parallel to Hagar’s life at
this moment. My foundation, my family, is gone. I’ve been shunned. I have a son. I am holding him now under a blanket for warmth. And then, by God’s grace, I happened upon this video. Wow.
The only comfort I’ve had is to be surrounded by God’s mighty ring of fire. Dear God, please lead us. Please give my son the life he deserves. I would sacrifice my life for him to be ok. I’m so afraid. I’ve forgotten to look to you and I am sorry, so sorry. Please accept us into your love once more. Please remind me that you are always here, always seeing, always leading, always protecting. This has given me hope.
With all I have to offer, my devotion for life,

Author — Jennifer Johnston


When I ended my relationships with people I gave up on people. But when I watched this gave me hope. I hope I find the right person someday.

Author — Jaelyn Scott


I shed tears when I hear this awesome song.... Masterpiece... God bless u God bless you... It's speaks to my soul



I cry every time I listen to the song what a beautiful song I can’t express it enough

Author — The Truth Will Set You Free


Makes me weep, he brings us to our knees, to raise us up, we all need more honor, humility for God Bless and have his way!!!
If you made lot of mistakes take them to his cross, he will use them to help others, compassion is what we need more of. Come back to your first love ( YESHUA) let him define you, not your issues that's only part of his plan..Go for it, be patient, watch and pray, I hope he will give you a new song, like he did for me.

Author — Beth D


Beautiful videography--done by my talented son, Aaron Greene! Thank you.

Author — Lydia Greene


This song has me crying like a child 😭 thank you Father for this lovely bit of worship I needed so badly to feel next to You! Glory hallelujah 🙌

Author — mylittlevega1928


Lord Jesus Christ, the greatest friend I have, my comfort and inspiration. Thankyou for sharing this beautiful song.

Author — Vintage brew


I dropped everything when I heard Miss Mullen started singing this song. Her voice is magnificent and so clean and absolutely free of any imperfections. I have never heard a voice and singing mastery so astounding and so absolutely comforting to the soul. Her narration is no less beautiful and reminds me of a home where the grace of God abounds. This must be how angels sound.

Author — Artemio Resulto


I cannot get enough of listening & watching “The God Who Sees”!!!
Thank you Nicole & everyone who touched this MASTERPIECE!

Author — Peggy Hurley


My husband and I watched this 2 days before he went to heaven to the God who sees. I love this song and God watched us as we heard it and knew my husband
would see Him soon.

Author — Carol Larsen


This is literally the story of my life! This is not just a song! This is healing to whomever will receive. I am a living witness that this is so true!💞

Author — Yah's Creation