Unboxing the MFJ-998 - 1500 Watts automatic antenna tuner

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Here's an unboxing video about the MFJ-998, full legal limit 1500 Watt automatic antenna tuner (ATU). This is part of my unboxing my new toys from the Dayton Hamvention 2017 video series. Hope you enjoy!

Pascal VA2PV

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Imagine all that SWR loss on the coax between the antenna and the “tuner”

Author — modex20


So Pascal, do you still use the MFJ 988 or did you get something else?

Author — Robbie Ei2iP


Do a power wattage test. Meassure the input power and then output wattage.

Author — African Twin


Make sure the tuner covers all the  bands you operate

Author — Steven Lawhon


looks a nice beast of a tuner pascal thinking about purchasing one off these myself saves all that tuning by hand its to slow nowdays with the spots on line coming in thick and fast thankyou so much for sharing your video and ur time and effort its a lot off work pascal making videos were most people cant be bothered to film edit and post !!!! happy new year from liverpool kind regards mark

Author — 128mark


Most Famous Junk... As you have infinite amount of money, ask Santa for a Palstar and you'll be very happy to compare what's build quality means. 72.

Author — MrToonfish


I had one and sold it, wish I had hadn't.

Author — Tony McGee