BBC Interviewer gets Schooled about Media Propaganda by Noam Chomsky

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BBC Interviewer gets Schooled about Media Propaganda by Noam Chomsky 5
The BBC interviewer tries to argue that the media never promotes propaganda, or has any type of medium intrinsic bias; he gets well and truly screwed on every point he tries to make. The irony is that Andrew Marr's total belief that he's not spewing out propaganda or is too estblishment leaning is exactly the reason why the BBC gave him his job.

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"If you believed something different you wouldn't be sat here" Andrew Mars face after that devastating line says it all.

Author — klou32


What's funny is that Marr turned out to be exactly what Chomsky was describing in the years to follow. His sickening praise of Tony Blair post Iraq war was vomit inducing.

Author — Keith Maher


"If you're interested in facts, I'll tell you what they are and I even have sources"

Author — Matthew Frazier


Marr doesn't seem to grasp how easily his positions are demolished. But that's the point - If he could understand, he wouldn't be on TV.

Author — Stefan Travis


Man, Chomsky was so polite, and so very brutal as he took the interviewers' preconceptions apart. So much fun to watch. But I have to give Marr credit: an American interviewer faced with such a direct assault on his beliefs would have shouted Chomsky down. Marr at least gave Chomsky the chance to express himself. That's supposed to be what an interviewer does, but it doesn't happen much in American mainstream media.

Author — Pat Powers


"I'm not saying you're self censoring, I'm saying that if you had different ideas you wouldn't be sitting here." If this reporter wasn't so clueless his fabric of reality should be falling apart right there.

Author — Delta V


"We are powerfully imprisoned in these dark ages simply by the terms in which we have been conditioned to think."
-Buckminster Fuller

Author — silversobe


Journalist: "What's COINTELPRO?"

Oh boy...

Author — Adrumpf Twittler


we need 500 noam chomskys, at the very least.

Author — Run13 Buddhabrot


“The key element
of social control is the strategy of distraction that is to divert public
attention from important issues and changes decided by political and economic
elites, through the technique of flood or flooding continuous distractions and
insignificant information.”

― Noam Chomsky

Author — Tungstan Steel


Chomsky is been right a 1000% of everything since day 1 My respects for him always

Author — Gatica Antonio


Marr very rarely sweats. In this he very clearly does.

Author — NotPercy203


Noam Chomsky
Norman Finkelstein

2 intellectuals that know what they're talking about and are not afraid to say it.

Author — badgeless


Marr refuses to discuss this interview.

Author — Jay Kay


If I had to go up against Chomsky, heaven forbid, I would stay far away from geopolitics, propaganda, and especially transformational grammar and try to keep it in my own court. I would try to steer the debate to pie crust- although I might stand a chance at drop piano voicings, when to block or not to block in beach volleyball, a6 Slav defence or backgammon opening replies at different match scores.

Author — Dufasaur joe


The look on Marrs face, he just hasn't got a clue

Author — Flammen Official


COINTELPRO destroyed the Black Panthers, unions, anti-war movements, Communists, and anyone else the government considered "enemies of the state", and yet this "Journalist" knows nothing about it...

Author — Azazel Acheron


29:21 British dentistry at its finest.

Author — Seb Maddern


lol BBC making a programme about bias in the media LLF

Author — eddboy1


If the interviewer weren’t so arrogant, I’d feel sorry for him.

Author — Pill Box