Cadillac Escalade v GMC Yukon v Lincoln Navigator: DRAG RACE

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 months ago


It’s time for a big all-American showdown!!

These huge SUVs may be more designed for comfort than performance, but how will they fare when they go head-to-head over the quarter-mile?

First up, we’ve got Mat in the Lincoln Navigator, which is powered by a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 that can deliver 450hp & 690Nm of torque. It’s pretty hefty, though, weighing in at around 2.7 tonnes!

Alongside Mat, we have the Cadillac Escalade. It’s got a huge engine up front, a 6.2-litre naturally-aspirated V8, but it’s down on power compared to the Lincoln, delivering 420hp & 620Nm. It’s just as heavy, though, also weighing in at 2.7 tonnes.

Then finally we have the GMC Yukon. It’s powered by the same engine as the Cadillac, so it has the same power output, but it’s the lightest car here… Tipping the scales at 2.5 tonnes!

Will the weight difference prove decisive? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!


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💬 Comments

Seeing people rocking back and forth in cars to make them go faster never gets old.

Author — Monolith2001


Y’all should show the speedo during the entire races! Would be big improvement.

Author — Kjell King


The GM trucks limit their top speed based on their wheel and tire diameters. They have a maximum RPM that the drive shaft is rated for so it doesn't destroy itself. I love my 2019 Silverado RST, fits my family of 5 and hauls whatever I need it to.
Thanks Matt, for racing some American trucks!

Author — Brandon Pollmeier


The caddy driver heaving his way to the win had my dying 😂

Author — alex symmes


Drove a Chevy Tahoe round he USA for our honeymoon in 2018. There, on those roads, it made perfect sense. In the UK, you be lucky to find a parking space big enough. Still lovely over the top luxury. Would live to see a Dodge Ram SRT-10 on a drag race.

Author — Ian Feast-Vine


The entire monthly petrol budget was used during this race, so don't act surprised if Matt races a Skoda Fabia next week.

Author — Isaac Alonzo


They’re brilliant for long distance travel / road trips in the US where petrol is cheap! Have hired both the short and long wheel base Yukon and the Ford Expedition (essentially the same car as the Lincoln Navigator) for 2, 000+ miles road trips in California, Arizona and Florida with my family and they’ve been absolutely superb!! Did a 10 hour drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas with one 15 minute stop and arrived as fresh as when we left!
I am surprised the Lincoln did not blow the others away as I found my Expedition with the 3.5L twin turbo V6 had so much bottom end torque and power up top that it made it the easiest by a considerable margin to row along!
I did miss the soft woofle of the Yukon’s V8 mind though the V6 did sound nice too.

Author — obez42


Love how the Lincoln keeps its front down unlike the other 2 that lifts the front like it’s doing a wheelie 👍🏿

Author — K OB


I never knew I needed to watch this kind of race in my life…
Thanks guys

Author — LAsHoGuY


Man I would've loved to see the Grand Wagoneer with them

Author — Boks Ugoks


Finally a drag race where I have no idea who's going to win

Author — JamZ gaming


Love watching videos of 3 cars that I’ll
Never own nor interesting in buying on a runway 😂 it’s genuinely entertaining

Author — Luke Dootson


Mat was hilarious in this video😂😂😂😂
The part he say “ stay chill” had me dying

Author — Jorge Gutierrez


V8 NA would do pretty good at rolling starts, unlike Turbos they would rev up freely, by the time that turbo kicks in Navigator Escalade and Yukon were already a car and half length ahead

Author — Dinu James


Serious question: how do they even sell these in the UK or most of Europe when they don't even fit on like half the streets

Author — Ryan Z


It all becomes clear now: This video was the actual reason for the recent fuel-shortage in the UK.

Author — 1SaG


I got a question for you Matt. After all those years of drag races which car actually made you feel impressed the most during accelerating? Except rimac 2

Author — Γεωργιοπουλος Παναγιώτης


I never knew I needed to watch this kind of race in my life… Thanks guys

Author — sannio komi


I would take the Cadillac Escalade in sport version for sure! without chrome! looks amazing!!

Author — Nikolas Schefold


These full-size SUVs feel like remnants of a bygone era. In the late 90’s when they became truly popular they made perfect sense. Gas was $1/gal, parts were cheap and you could comfortably fit 5+ people for looong road trips to the beach, to mountains etc. Plus, you could push 300K miles on those small-block V8s and they would still run. The 90’s was prime Americana.

Author — Johan Falk