Destroying Flat Earth Without Using Science - Part 2: The Stars

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As we learned in the previous installment of this series, we don't need any science whatsoever to prove that the earth isn't flat. We just have to look at things in the sky with our eyeballs. In fact, that's how we figured out the earth is a sphere thousands of years ago, before science even existed. Last time we looked at the moon, so today let's look at the stars. How do they move through the sky, and can we make sense of it on a flat earth? Spoiler: no, we definitely can't. But be a lamb and watch anyway, would you?

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So, do flat earthers also believe you find lava at y=11 and bedrock at y=0 ?

Author — Eliadore


As an Argentinian it seems obvious to me that flat-earthing is a northern thing, there's so many observations in this part of the world that just don't match with the flat-earth model. I had a friend who was flat-earther for several years and this startrails arguments was one of the things that turned him back to believing the earth is spherical, he was so depressed tho, imagine the feelings of emptiness and shame he felt when he had no choice but admit flat-earth is wrong, kudos to him for being sane at the end

Author — Mr Sir


I love how the flat earth concept is so weak that you don't even need science to debunk it.

Author — minecrafphile


Asking "Why would you look up at the sky to determine the shape of the earth?" is like asking "Why do you look at your surroundings to determine what room you are in?"

Author — Fancy Hotdog


Professor Dave,
My day has been utter garbage so far, and finding this video brought me therapeutic levels of laughter. Thank you so much.

Author — Asmodeus Mictian


You can mock us if you want, but there are flat earthers all around the globe.

Author — finao o


the thing I hate most about flat earthers is that they ALWAYS change the topic no matter what we talk about

Author — HalfBreadOrder


Being an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer in the southern hemisphere I used my requirement to polar align my tracking mount using the southern Octans Constellation as part of my globe earth "proof" when answering FlatEarthMillionaire. He started by calling me a clown for being normal after he stated that water molecules become less dense and rise to form clouds, proving that gravity doesn't exist, so I suggested that it just proved water molecules where far less dense than a flat earther. He asked me to prove curvature, so I discussed the south celestial pole and how a tracking mount works, the fact that I cannot see mountains that should be visible from my location on a flat earth, greater circle track calculations used in aviation to calculate distance between two points, and the numerous suspension towers on suspension bridges that are measurably plumb to the ground but diverge at the top. I also suggested that if he was actually a millionaire that maybe he should spend some cash and ask Elon if he can spend a few days in orbit.

He never responded and I think he blocked

Author — Bowks1 O_o


I will never understand how they don't get that the stars are so far away. I even did an experiment myself to show why we don't see the stars move. I took a camera with a high optical zoom and zoomed in on something 1.25 kilometers away and moved the camera around slightly. Lo and behold, nothing really changed perspective at that distance. If we made that 1.25 kilometers the distance between here and Alpha Centauri, Earth's orbit would have a diameter of around a centimeter, I believe. It's something super negligible like that. Like just trying to hold the camera still because I was stupid and didn't use a tripod I was moving the camera around more than the scale Earth orbit. It's just so dumb.

Author — Em Schofield


Dave, here are some more ideas you might want to consider for your next: "Destroying Flat Earth Without Using Science" video:

1) Take a video on a cruise ship of a sunset or sunrise, preferably when the ship is out at sea far enough that there is no land in sight. Ask: "What's going on here?" There are no mountains blocking the sun where you're at sea. The sun appears to go below the horizon and then rise from beneath the horizon on the other side about 12 hrs later. (I'm sure you could get someone to send you such a video.) So, does the sun dip below the disk of the flat earth? If so, what's on the other side of the earth disk? How does the sun get to the other side? And, why does it go straight down, instead of moving sideways?

2) Spread a flat world map on a table in a dark room. Use a small pen light to represent the sun. Show how the only way to make part of that map totally dark, as at night, is to block the light with something and create a shadow. Example, If you move the light below the table top, then the whole flat earth would be dark, but if you move the light source even in inch above the table top, the little sun will illuminate all four corners of the earth. Never is it so dark on a flat earth that you cannot see at least some light from the sun near the horizon. So, at no time on a flat earth would anyone not be able to see any light, like we round earthers experience every night. In flat world, you would always be able to see some light from the sun near the horizon. Unless the sun somehow goes below the horizon or behind a tall mountain, people of the other side of the earth should still see some light from the sun close to the horizon. If the sun went below the horizon on a flat earth, all of the earth would experience darkness at the same time. Anyone with a small light, a dark room, a table and a map can do this. Also, as you pointed out, there is no way to illuminate exactly half of the map. Even with a focused spotlight, round lights (like the sun) always make circles, not half circles.

3) Last idea to bypass all the "conspiratorial" scientists and government officials. This idea was inspired by the pandemic. Do you realize that for the first time in human history, humans now have the power to see the sun all parts of the earth at the same time? And, we don't need government officials or the media to help us. Call someone in each time zone on Facetime, Zoom, or Skype. Ask them to hold their phones or webcams out the window and point it at the sun or toward the western or eastern horizon. If on Zoom, you can even show simultaneous pictures of the sun and measure its height above the horizon in each zone simultaneously. Or, you can look at a table of of sunrises and sunsets at locations around the world and call someone in each place at that time on Facetime, Zoom, or Skype, and watch the sun rise or set with them. Next, it should be easy to show that the differences in simultaneous sun heights could only be achieved with on a spherical earth. Or you could do it the way old Aristarchus did it and measure different shadow lengths simultaneously. However, shadow lengths could be manipulated, whereas the sun's height (or the appearance of a night sky) would be hard for a random person with a cell phone to fake.

Thanks for your fun and informative videos. Keep up the great work!

Author — TomPage1


When Elon Musk tweeted the flat earth society asking "Where is the flat Mars society" they replied saying"Thanks for the question Elon! Unlike the Earth, Mars has been observed to be round." This literally just speaks for itself.

Author — Just a lame kid


It’s pretty sad how we are the most advanced we’ve ever been as a species, with just about any information we could ever seek at the palm of our hands, yet people still believe in something so profoundly stupid as the flat earth theory when it has been debunked over and over again.

Author — MoriartyArchive


Funnily enough, the personal dome is the only way they can explain the phenomenon in the sky. If all the stars were luminaries on the dome, and the sun was simply fading into obscurity instead of setting, how would they be able to see tinier luminaries on the other side of the dome? They wouldn't. Hence a large part of the sky would be essentially empty on a flat earth.

Author — Ryuk The Shinigami


I love how not only you disprove all their talking points and you destroy their self-esteem 😂😂😂

Author — Blvckm0r3


I would love to hear their explanation of how someone above the Arctic circle during the Winter never sees the Sun rise. Blow their mind by having that person call a person near
the Equator and explain what they are seeing at that time in a 24 hour period.

Author — Daniel Morrison


The fact that this video needs to be made in modern time is depressing.

Author — Lucid Cross


Even when I was like 5 years old, I understood that the Earth was a sphere because gravity pulls all matter to its center. If mass atracts other mass, how can the outer edge of the flat earth exist? I once saw a video that shows that, if the earth was flat, if you walk farther away from the equator, it would be like running up a steeper and steeper hill.

Author — poekielover


Gracias compañero por hacer estos videos tan buenos y certeros. He tenido la posibilidad de discutir estos temas con un terraplanista y es verdad que son lo más terco y testarudo que se puede encontrar uno en la vida. Les pones la verdad frente a la nariz y siguen arraigados en creer la falsedad y defenderla. Viviendo una vida de paranoia constante y viendo conspiración en todo lo que nos rodea. Gracias por saber explicar tan bien las razones lógicas, y por ser tan verosímil defendiendo la verdad. Hay tantas penas y dolores que aquejan el mundo, tantas guerras, tanta hambre, tantos niños sufriendo; y esta gente invierte su tiempo en creer algo tan pueril y anticuado. Minimizan la historia, desprecian a los grandes hombres de ciencia que nos han precedido y gracias a los cuales gozamos hoy de un mundo más desarrollado. Se atreven ha hablar de todos, no tienen bandera, critican lo mismo las vacunas que el aire que respiramos. Son un cáncer que duele más por el hecho de que tienen niños sobre los cuales influirán negativamente y convertirán en personas inseguras, desconfiando de todo y viviendo una vida paranoica. Sin contar que la mayoría son anti vacunas y no les importa poner en riesgo la vida de sus hijos, y provocar la reemergencia de enfermedades infecciosas hasta ahora controladas gracias a las vacunas. Gracias hombre por estos videos, aunque muchos te critiquen no te detengas, la verdad hay que defenderla y contra estos enfermos mentales hay que luchar. No burlarnos de ellos, sino combatirlos, porque son un cáncer que realmente daña. Y yo pienso que quien defiende una creencia después de que se le han desacreditado todos sus fundamentos, es porque realmente quiere hacer daño y tiene ganas de joder intencionalmente, porque desacreditados están, pero siguen abrazando una mentira y expandiéndola, son ciegos queriendo guiar a otros ciegos, viviendo en obscuridad creyendo que tienen algo de luz. De nuevo Gracias por exponer de manera tan plausible las verdad! Y combátanos a esta gente maligna y diabólica sin titubear!

Author — Maikel Escovar


I absolutely love that even after 18 000+ comments you are still dealing with the idiots. I don't know if that's funny or sad that even after all this time some people still try and "debunk" you.
You are great keep doing what you are doing.

Author — gwanael34


Allergic to thinking - best quote EVER!
I came to your channel because of your flat earth videos and thanks to that I got into some other of your subjects. I've learned a lot so thank you for that. Logically thinking - thanks should go to flat earthers too - without their stupidity I wouldnt make that smart move! So thanks.... I think your flat earth debunks are actually the best on internet at the moment...

Author — Jazzmanpac