Bunkering : Refueling Ships at Sea | Seaman Vlog S03E10 Chief MAKOi

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In this episode, we carry out bunkering operations. Bunkering is the term for refueling ships.

Chief MAKOi
Seaman Vlog

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I’ve been a bunker barge captain for several years. It’s really cool seeing things from a ships perspective.

Author — @Vernonbrant


I'm not a ship man . I just love engineering.
This is a great great channel.
No drama, no exaggerated commentary. Just nice plain simple clear narration.
Been binge watching the channel for the last day lol.

Author — @maj0072


This channel is probably one of the best channels on YouTube for Marine Engineers.

Author — @venkatapavangollapalli9338


Great presentation. If this was discovery channel or someting like they would be panicking and screaming. first there would be danger of colision, then oil spill, then fire and they will calculate the loss of arriving one our late etc.
It's great to see, that nothing is dangerous if it is done right. Great presentation completely without exageration

Author — @andreja8319


Came across this channel purely by accident, and now after having watched two or three videos I’m hooked on something I would never have expected. Brilliant presentation quality, and very informative subject matter .... 👏🏻👍🏻

Author — @garynorman


My grandfather was also a sailor, almost his whole life from 14 to 70 was on a ship, oh my friend he had so many stories for me to hear, so many adventures, 3 shipwrecks in his career but never passed from his mind the thought quiting . Sea was his love and so is mine as well !
Watching videos lime this one makes me feel he is around, he died when i was 12 and now i am 40, still to this day when i see a ship cruising i am remembering him !
God Bless you and keep you all safe !

Author — @georgeisaak5321


Lovely installment Chief. I know no one else who could turn a bunker oil operation into visual poetry.

Author — @jackoneil3933


Awesome look into what many would consider a mundane task, but the skill it takes to operate efficiently and safely, not only for both crews & ships, but for the environment, as well, is outstanding. Thanks for this insight!! Safe voyage, Chief!!

Author — @Gunnr1236


Not a seamen, but discovered this channel due to interest in ships . One of the best channels out there . I am hooked . Best wishes to you chief .

Author — @chetan25524321


This guy needs to have his videos on television! I am a documentary nut and have watched thousands, and I tell you, , , these are all spot on perfection and deserve recognition!! The mainstream channels need to give this man some awards! Bravo sir!!



This is so satisfying to watch. Two crews that probably have never met each other have such mutual understanding and the ability to overcome the challenges of such an operation while at sea no less. Bravo! You've given me a real respect for the people that work aboard ships. There is no room for guesswork or shortcuts when so much is on the line!

Author — @clairegoulet927


This video is on professionals level.
It was not like made by a single person that doing a vlog.
I was so impressed by the quality of this video.

Author — @abdullahmasulili3297


I’m a beginner student who started studying for the chartered ship broker exams and this channel is a gold mine to me .

Author — @kisalgoonerathne3816


Interesting, I didn't realize commercial vessels refueled at sea. I spent 4 years on a US Navy oiler. We refueled ships while underway. Steaming at about 12 knots, ships would pull along side for fuel and supplies.

Author — @timmcclure2096


Never guessed so much was involved with fuel transfer. Thanks Chief for a look behind the scenes.

Author — @pvp64


So much calmer and somewhat different than the fuel transfers I used to see with Canadian Navy videos of the 1980s.

Author — @scotti.6433


Described it as if two ships were mating in the wildlife 😂, amazing video

Author — @AB-hu2uw


I used to deliver bunker fuel to the ports. It's nice to see the rest of the story on how it's delivered to the ships. Thanks

Author — @leefreyenhagen1998


Thank you Chief, much appreciated. Your videos make me want to wind the clock back 50 years. I remember one of my fellow engineer cadets was transferring bunkers for'd to aft while we were mid Atlantic and didn't keep an eye on things. With the aid of a strong wind he managed to spray heated heavy fuel oil all over the aft accommodation. The Chief and the Bosun were not best pleased! (p.s. I promise it wasn't me)

Author — @blinzohagen


My Grandad on my mums side. Served at sea varying times. He tried to join the Army in the mid 1920s but was kicked out for bring too young. So he started out on the Square riggers that a few still sailed back then. He did Southampton to Australia a few times on them. He then joined the Army in 1932 to 38 in pre war India. Then back in UK from 1939 to 1946 for demob after WW2. He then worked a bit in the aircraft industry with my great uncle who was a Former Royal Marine in Hms Rodney during the war. My Grandad then worked on Coal Bunkers in Southampton Docks. Filling the old remaining coal ships, and later by fuel on the big liners e.g Queen Mary and Elizabeth. He finished his time on coastal Dredgers as first mate, with my real dad as bosun. I loved being at sea myself, altjough serving on a flat bottom landing craft isn't for the faint hearted in hvy seas. Then again in any vessel in hvy seas. I loved it at sea. I miss it being a disabled British Army Veteran. So enjoy watching YouTube videos.

Author — @didgerb72