Locarno / Madonna del Sasso / Lago Maggiore / Drone: Top Places to Visit / DJI Phantom 4 / DJI Osmo

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Locarno is a small city in Switzerland, located on the northern shores of Lago Maggiore (or Lake Maggiore). It lies in the Italian speaking Canton of Ticino. It won't wrong to say that Locarno is a little Italy in Switzerland - a Swiss city with Italian ambience. Often known for sunny and relatively warmer climate, it is very close to the foot of the Alps. Palm and lemon trees line the city's beautiful promenade. The promenade or the lake-front just adds to its mediterranean look.

The city has a charming Old Town with lot of history. The castle of Visconteo, which is at the edge of the Old Town, is one of the masterpieces designed by non other than renaissance genius - Leonardo da Vinci. Castle of Visconteo gives Switzerland its own da Vinci relic.

Not so far from the city center is the holy mountain of Madonna del Sasso. It is considered as one of the most popular pilgrimages in the region. Popular folklore says that Virgin Mary appeared on this site in 15th Century. Walking up to the hill spot is considered auspicious, although the monastery can as well be reached by a classical funicular train.

Plan a weekend trip to Locarno, it offers something to every visitor. Definitely it is one of the must see places in Switzerland. Enjoy!