Creating a Rock Bonsai

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Jan Culek shows us how to create a rock Bonsai tree. He actually produces these rocks himself, and plants them with Juniper trees (Itoigawa). This demo took place at the Inspira Bonsai event in 2019, Mallorca.

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I had never seen that spagnum moss bundle technique. It'd be interesting to see how the trees roots develop over time. Nice video and demo!

Author — Rick Landau Bonsai


It turned out amazing. And the Raffia, Moss,and Substrate technique is really cool . I'm definitely trying that out . Great Work

Author — New Leaf Bonsai


Would really like to see updates on this piece. Very interesting and beautiful!!! 👍😀

Author — Kathleen White


It just blows me away that people can have such good foresight in design. Maybe one day...thanks for sharing.

Author — Boston Bonsai Idiot


wow how beautiful. this is such a unique form of art, taking something natural out of nature then manipulate it in such a way that it mimics nature! kind of ironic really. an incredible art none the less.
this work is absolutely inspiring, if this is possible the sky is the limit really.

Author — Colin Bates


That's I need to purchase one of those rocks, such a great effect.
How many years would it take for the roots to anchor to the rock and reach the pot???

Author — BBJ


Why wouldn’t you make a moss ball pot around the roots?
I do like the over all design and look though. It would be AMAZING if in 20-30 years those roots followed those trails to the water dish and you had exposed roots!!

Author — Crystal M


Beautiful creation. Stunning to the eye. And intriguing to the senses.

Author — M Nilsson


this is an out of the norm artsy....totally cool

Author — Stephen Maina


Would be nice to know what you mixed with the sphagnum moss for the substrate.

Author — Blue Ridge Bonsai


Talk about pulling it together at the end. I just wasn't seeing it, then boom there it was. Fantastic look, very well executed.

Author — Evfast


how do you produce the rocks ?? amazing!

Author — Lana León


Muhteşemsiniz. Dükkanın bir köşesini bonsai köşesi yapmak istiyorum önerileriniz nelerdir.🇹🇷🇹🇷👏🇹🇷

Author — Balıkesir Buse Çiçekçilik & Hediyem Kapıda


👄i am just beginning
thank you for inspiration 🍎

Author — j hope


Awesome! Was waiting for it to get a good shower. Any update?

Author — SS S


Will the roots eventually reach down to the bottom?

Author — JL88JL


What is that brown thing that he used to make the roots reach the bottom? And where can i get those? Thanks

Author — kim zeravla


Where can rocks like that be purchased online?

Author — Bubonic Roach


any reason for using sphagnum only and no keto for the eventual root highways to the pot. also didnt see him layer any akadama or an sort of planting medium directly under the root balls.

Author — Nick Kellogg