DIY Gun Rack for Under $12

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This DIY Gun Rack for Under $12 is inexpensive, mobile, sturdy, and lightweight. Whether you are headed to an outdoor gun range or just want something to organize guns at deer camp-this gun rack will do the job! This DIY gun rack is made of lightweight EMT metal piping making it the perfect gun stand for outdoor conditions. This piping is inexpensive and readily available in the electrical departments at Home Depot or Lowes.

The great thing about this gun rack plan is that you can customize the width to accommodate the number of guns. The height of the vertical gun rack rail is the perfect height to accommodate a vast array of long and short barreled guns. The soft pipe insulation on the top rail gives this gun holder a nice sticky feel holding the gun upright and secure.

Most rifle stands like this are made from wood and can be much heavier. This gun holder is one of the only designs on Youtube that is made out of metal. Build it once and have it forever-no rotting or falling apart.

I will give you the dimensions in this video to build this inexpensive gun rack. With a few basic tools you can create a gun rack that your buddies will envy. Have fun and let me know if you have any questions!

Enjoy this gun rack build!

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You should sell these. I’d buy two. For real.

Author — ProtectYOURshelves Concealment


I love seeing you take care of yourself with that respirator, brother. Too many people feel they don't have to use em.

Author — James Josker


Sweet build! Thx for takin time to vid

Author — Sophisticated Redneckery


I was thinking at first you had inhaled too many fumes from welding all that galvanized conduit. o.o

Author — Mouse GrayEagle


Great job! What kind of welder did you use?

Author — Steve Bourque


Under 12$ only if you have spent $$$ on all of those tools

Author — ERAUGarrison