The Angle: Kamala's big con

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The Angle: Kamala's big con 4.5
California Sen. Kamala Harris pushes to end private health insurance, faces blowback on 'Medicare for All' platform. #IngrahamAngle #FoxNews

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She is the woman that tried to ruin a judges life, wants our guns, wants to force us into single payer healthcare, socialism and all that is evil

Author — Sebastian Ortega


They screwed up California and we will not allow them to screw up the whole

Author — Barbara Supkow


Please send knee pads to the DNC instead of money

Author — Max Jackson


Kamala who? A California senator proposing fiscal policy? You have to be insane to think anything remotely intelligent would come of this

Author — neill


Here is a science fact. If you don't get China and India on board, nothing changes. They are increasing their output of carbon while we are currently reducing ours. We cannot do it alone. Believing otherwise is fantasy.

Author — ronin10bt


Kamala Harris is Hillary Clinton, she just don't have the murders under her belt. I will never ever vote for this witch.

Author — Byron Hall


Why are people listening to this slime ball ? She SLEPT her way up the ole political a TRAMP !

Author — Jack Fallat


She Literally, slept her way to the Top. Her resume cant get her mayor of Mayberry. Her brain is just as numb as Cortez.

Author — Jo Bckts


Kamala Harris is nuts do you need anymore proof.

Author — Mike Sawyer


Liberalism is a disease that must be cured.

Author — RPG Stopper


Trump exposed the Demorat's for what they really are, that's why they hate him so much .

Author — Nelson Vargas


Kamala Harris could care less about the economy she is a recognized Democrat.

Author — Chestnut Moon


The bulk of America's food travels by truck. You won't need to worry about how to bring home the groceries without a car. There won't be any food on the grocer's shelves either.

Author — Valkyrie Sardo


I don't know who is dumber. Camel Harris or Alexandria Occasional-Cortex.

Author — cannonball666



Author — Steve Sanford


All socialist Dems care is power not the people avoid

Author — francis yau


When are people going to wake up to the fact that “climate change “ is the normal way of nature?

Author — Betsy Ulbrich


Global Warming and Climate Change are both a MYTH ! ask John Coleman co-founder of the Weather Channel. He was there at the U.N. when they made it up !

Author — Edward Cordeiro


She got her political career from an affair..

Author — Scotty P


One world order is Dead, kamelas dream for it is dead, the Socialist agenda is on life support, and hear this America is NEVER going to be socialist Communist not ever. And the SECOND AMENDMENT IS WHY, IF YOU ARE A SOCIALIST TRAITOR, then find yourself a place to live for free. America is a place to have freedom, but you must pay your way because "FREEDOM IS NOT FREE"...IMPEACH THE TRAITORS...

Author — A.J. Torzyk