The Angle: Kamala's big con

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The Angle: Kamala's big con 4.5
California Sen. Kamala Harris pushes to end private health insurance, faces blowback on 'Medicare for All' platform. #IngrahamAngle #FoxNews

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She got her political career from an affair..

Author — Scotty P


She is annoying
I am tired of people telling me I should vote for her because she is a black woman

Author — superduperjoi


Kamela and the rest of Congress should be on the same health plan as they want you to have. No more exemptions for Congress allowing them to keep their own insurance.

Author — John Leaman


Does anyone remember when Pelosi said, lets SIGN THE BILL FIRST, then we'll read it. Has anything changed?

Author — Bob Stellwagen


Kamala Harris is way worse than Hillary Clinton get rid of her! I support get you out of Congress!! She dosen't even treat her own employees good.

Author — Joyce Ramirez


I never thought there would be someone more detestable than Nancy pelosi

Author — Michael Murphy


Kamala Harris got to where she is by having an affair with corrupt San
Francisco Mayor Willy Brown, who was married, Harris was not....then she
used blackmail to force Brown to appoint her to prestigious positions.
If Harris hadn't been sleeping with Willy Brown, and going to swingers
events (orgies) with him, she would not be sitting where she is, and
would never have been CA attorney general, that's for sure.
Kamala Harris stole the elction for CA attorney general by using her
corrupt friend who was CA secretary of state to make tens of thousands
of her rivals votes to disappear, which they did.

There is photographic evidence of Harris and Brown at swingers parties,
they will come out in good time.
Kamala Harris is a swamp creature, and will go down the drain with many

Author — Harold Smith


Her own father characterizes her as "a great fraudster".
Any questions?

Author — Freedom Storm


Kamala with her big con. Really what would happen with her con is worse insurance, no choice and higher cost.

Author — Connor Dempsey


I can't wait for the Trump vs. (insert commie democrat presidential nominee here) debates, it is going to be awesome!

Author — EJ


Harris slept her way to where she is. She's not "accomplished", she is literally a PROSTITUTE by every definition. :-/

Author — Bobon Meiknob


It's sounds very commie. Take all services away from the people and let the all powerful Government call all the shots. G.F.Y. lady.

Author — Tom Williams


That’s the problem there is a lot of ignorant people out there and they want more uneducated, ignorant illegal aliens 👽 so that they can control them.

Author — Carlos Hernandez


The Democratic party area bunch of snake I will never vote for them ever again I'm thru long time ago

Author — Barry Williamson


miss harris is a Traitor to America. America Loves Trump. I think her medicare for all has to replace her congressional Mayo-Care or Obama's crap-care for American's.

Author — Timemachine Eddie


Trump exposed the Demorat's for what they really are, that's why they hate him so much .

Author — Nelson Vargas


Kamala is bad for America is seems...she is totally lost...she is just repeating what other far left are saying...clueless indeed!!!

Author — Letty Berrios


I'm so excited for this election cycle. Dems are peak crazy so this is gunna be a treat.

Author — Bradley David Lockyer


You will have Canada if you implement the left's desires. Canada, doesn't work.

Author — New Patriot.


I come from a socialist country. And It dosen't work. I wont support this i just won't.

Author — Yandry Gonzalez