Irving Finkel | The Ark Before Noah: A Great Adventure

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Irving Finkel | The Ark Before Noah: A Great Adventure 4.5

Irving Finkel, Assistant Keeper I with responsibility for cuneiform in the Department of the Middle East, British Museum.

This talk, illustrated by a PowerPoint, will describe what befell the speaker after one quite remarkable cuneiform tablet was brought for examination to the British Museum in London. The inscription on this four-thousand-year-old tablet led to a series of altogether unexpected discoveries, demanding a whole new look at Noah and his Ark, and culminating in a book and a documentary film.

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this man is a blast to watch  loved his lecture

Автор — granddame1000


Whether you have enjoyed this or not you might find my book The Ark Before Noah interesting...
Irving Finkel

Автор — Irving Finkel


Enki's ikea instructions? So... Enkea™

Автор — ever silent ever there


I love this gentleman. He's extremely knowledgeable, educational and freaking hilarious.

Great video. I had a great laugh and learned a lot of interesting history.

Автор — Gryphon Arms USA


This guy could talk about paint drying and I’d listen. He’s hilarious and makes learning a lot more fun.

Автор — matanuska high


hearing this guy's life stories, it turns out curator is a more exciting job than James Bond

Автор — NDRonin1401


Wish my school teachers were like this, I might actually have learned something..

Автор — A Frog


So, I love this man and I have to watch every lecture he has ever given, now.

Автор — Amie Tatro


This gentleman is an excellent orator and explains things in a way that's interesting and intriguing! Thank you!

Автор — Albert L787


He even had a guy w ADD on the edge of his seat retaining every detail, brilliant orator.

Автор — Andy Smith


I love where I end up when I go down my YouTube's "suggested" rabbit hole. Lol what an adventure! Great storytelling from a great man. Bravo!

Автор — Chocolate Reign


This is such a fun, nerdy watch. One of my favorite varieties of human is adorably funny, middlingly cantankerous, beardy old British scientists. He’s seriously hilarious in the nerdiest way.

I had zero expectation of watching a full hour lecture on the Babylonian flood story, or the gonzo archaeology of building something from the description in an ancient cuneiform table. But 5 minutes in, I was hooked by his style, and the deeply fascinating info he’s presenting. With seriously minimal slides, he leads you through one of the best documentaries I’ve experienced in a while, especially since so much is theater of the mind.

I think it would work well as a podcast, just occasionally glancing at his new slides, or appreciating his majestic, flowing eyebrows (and beard). And I’m totally looking up more lectures by Irving Finkel.

Автор — Michael Houghton


"What did they do with all the dung?" I reckon they would have tried to dry it on the upper deck and then they could have used it as fuel for cooking. Am sure they would have had some sort of wood burner.

Автор — Spencer Proctor


This is what you call a lesson and he is what I call a Teacher. He is totally involved in his subject and knows when to use humour and when to keep to the narrative. I remember watching this documentary and the sense of wonder that someone could interpret the instructions so accurately. I know the boat was a scaled down version in the end but it did float which was the most important thing. Despite the leak(s) it proved the point - ancient peoples were indeed capable of sophisticated construction. Simple ways do not, by default, mean simple people. When we can build with precision as they did, without using any of our modern aids, we will have no choice but to get off our high horse and give respect where it is truly due.

Автор — faithful02u


The best lecturer I have ever heard! A scholar of the first water.
The Queen should make him a Duke.

Автор — BBQDad463


I’m in loovvvveee- this man’s memorable passionate brilliant manner ..where has he been all my life? lol!!

Автор — Stacy M


I think the most astounding skill Irving happens to possess as an unparallelled historian and communicator is one I daresay most of his colleagues don't happen to share - supreme comedic sense and timing.

Автор — jocax188723


That is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard: I picked up the cuneiform tablet and proceeded to read it.

Автор — Lost and Found - The Face of America Abroad


amazing! interesting and enjoyable the entire way through! Dr. Finkel is such a treasure.

Автор — Megan


~5:53 he says while looking almost exactly like him
just found out about him thirty-ish minutes ago and i already love this guy

Автор — tahutoa