Irving Finkel | The Ark Before Noah: A Great Adventure

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Irving Finkel | The Ark Before Noah: A Great Adventure 4.5

Irving Finkel, Assistant Keeper I with responsibility for cuneiform in the Department of the Middle East, British Museum.

This talk, illustrated by a PowerPoint, will describe what befell the speaker after one quite remarkable cuneiform tablet was brought for examination to the British Museum in London. The inscription on this four-thousand-year-old tablet led to a series of altogether unexpected discoveries, demanding a whole new look at Noah and his Ark, and culminating in a book and a documentary film.

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Whether you have enjoyed this or not you might find my book The Ark Before Noah interesting...
Irving Finkel

Author — Irving Finkel


This gentleman is a true legend... love hear him talking..

Author — MIchlas


Actually, I think he is Noah, still alive, trying to put us off the track so we don't discover his secret.

Author — nordattack


This guy could talk about paint drying and I’d listen. He’s hilarious and makes learning a lot more fun.

Author — matanuska high


Wish my school teachers were like this, I might actually have learned something..

Author — A Frog


Enki's ikea instructions? So... Enkea™

Author — Hazel Mititai


I just imagine how 3000 years from now, archaeologists dig up the rubble of the British Museum, find these tablets with the map of Babylon, and then go to figure out which part of the nearby ancient riverbed... Thames or what it was once called... it could possibly refer to.

Author — Mikosch2


this man is a blast to watch  loved his lecture

Author — granddame1000


Apart from this being extremely interesting, I have laughed myself completely exhausted. This is probably the best entertainment I have experienced, and the learned gentleman Dr. Finkel, is a wonderful source of knowledge. He is also slightly mad, which probably makes things easier. This is the perfect cure for anyone who use to fall asleep in lectures. Not a chance!

Author — Fredrik Larsson


That is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard: I picked up the cuneiform tablet and proceeded to read it.

Author — Lost and Found - The Face of America Abroad


This is such a fun, nerdy watch. One of my favorite varieties of human is adorably funny, middlingly cantankerous, beardy old British scientists. He’s seriously hilarious in the nerdiest way.

I had zero expectation of watching a full hour lecture on the Babylonian flood story, or the gonzo archaeology of building something from the description in an ancient cuneiform table. But 5 minutes in, I was hooked by his style, and the deeply fascinating info he’s presenting. With seriously minimal slides, he leads you through one of the best documentaries I’ve experienced in a while, especially since so much is theater of the mind.

I think it would work well as a podcast, just occasionally glancing at his new slides, or appreciating his majestic, flowing eyebrows (and beard). And I’m totally looking up more lectures by Irving Finkel.

Author — Michael Houghton


Santa Claus giving an archaeological lecture.. this can only be very interesting!

Author — Code name: Avocado


hearing this guy's life stories, it turns out curator is a more exciting job than James Bond

Author — NDRonin1401


I love where I end up when I go down my YouTube's "suggested" rabbit hole. Lol what an adventure! Great storytelling from a great man. Bravo!

Author — Chocolate Reign


Bring a coracle I should have thought a leek was perfectly acceptable this being the national emblem of Wales!

Author — Roger Stimson


Interesting. So these dudes were actually ancient Borg?

Author — Natural Technologist


Oh that was interesting....and at so many points, both thrilling and entertaining in ample measure! Thank you, Mr Finkel, sir.

Author — Clarice Aust


So, I love this man and I have to watch every lecture he has ever given, now.

Author — Amie Tatro


He even had a guy w ADD on the edge of his seat retaining every detail, brilliant orator.

Author — Andy Smith


I just keep thinking a round ship carrying all life sounds like a more like a space ship carrying DNA....not a “boat”...

Author — R V