Irving Finkel | The Ark Before Noah: A Great Adventure

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Irving Finkel | The Ark Before Noah: A Great Adventure 5
Irving Finkel, Assistant Keeper I with responsibility for cuneiform in the Department of the Middle East, British Museum.

This talk, illustrated by a PowerPoint, will describe what befell the speaker after one quite remarkable cuneiform tablet was brought for examination to the British Museum in London. The inscription on this four-thousand-year-old tablet led to a series of altogether unexpected discoveries, demanding a whole new look at Noah and his Ark, and culminating in a book and a documentary film.

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this man is a blast to watch  loved his lecture

Author — granddame1000


can we steal this guys DNA, make a clone army of him and put them in every school around the world?

Author — Elena


I loved listening to him, it's like monty python + archaeology.

Author — T.J.


I'm so excited I found Irving Finkel! I started with the Royal Game of Ur, was on Facebook today.

Author — constance jennings


hands down best lecture ive watched on youtube. i would work for dr. finkel for free just to absorb his knowledge and coolness.

Author — Jim Ruegg


hearing this guy's life stories, it turns out curator is a more exciting job than James Bond

Author — NDRonin1401


When you think about it, a round shape gives the largest surface area for the least amount of building materials...

Author — Cholula Hot Sauce


This is officially my favorite video on YouTube. I'm now going to binge watch every Irving Finkle video I can find. I am at work listening to this while I wait on a server to deploy and trying to stifle laughter.

Author — Robert Kaucher


Wow. Brilliant man. Brilliant storytelling.
The crowd seemed to miss at least half the jokes...

Author — Madness by Design


I love watching archaeological lectures, but I think this is the end. Why? Dr Finkel was ssssooo good, any other lecture after this will be a disappointment. Do yourself a favor ... listen and enjoy!

Author — Seth Fleishman


This man is a treasure, how privileged we are to have been able to see and hear him speak.

Author — Michelle Knowles


Wow, how can I never have stumbled across this guy before‽ Really interesting talk!

Author — amante pensanta


Either I’ll be a happy spinster, or I’ll find a partner in life just exactly that curious lighthearted witty and sweet. How charming

Author — LetsBeClear


Irving Finkel appears to be a national treasure. Y'all should give him a BBC series or some such.

Author — justin mattarocchia


I love this gentleman. He's extremely knowledgeable, educational and freaking hilarious.

Great video. I had a great laugh and learned a lot of interesting history.

Author — Gryphon Arms USA


Just found 2 years after publish. Good lecture and Irving is great at throwing in some comedy. Very informative and entertaining.

Author — Anton Cesaro


This gentleman is an excellent orator and explains things in a way that's interesting and intriguing! Thank you!

Author — Albert L787


Only the English academic could entertain in such a way.

Author — fred kelly


Spell bound - charming fellow. Loved this entirely.

Author — Jerry Cummings


Irving Finkel is a furniture of the museum and needs his own curator.

Author — Enki Son Of Anu