Watamula shore diving

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Curacao is well known for its shore diving sites. One site that is not very well known as a shore diving site is Watamula at the most Northern tip of the island. Trunkdivers is one of the very few (if not only) dive operator that take divers to this unique experience. The trip involves jumping from the cliff, diving into the "Hole of Watamula" a trip through a tunnel (waves permitting) and a dive along the coast either in the shallow parts or at depth followed by an adventurous exit at Playa Gepi. An unforgetable experience.

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Great video.
We dove this site from the boat in August and there was quite a current. When we later drove out to the site and looked at it it from land, it looked impossible.. at least that hole did. It looked like it was a washing machine!
Nice to see it being done here. I might categorize this as a dive/hike :-)

Author — aramisun