(New) free internet 100% || How to Get Free internet wifi at home100%

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(New) free internet 100% || How to Get Free internet wifi at home100% 4

Creative Ideas. Hello Everyone! I want to show about is (New) free internet 100% || How to Get Free internet wifi at home100%
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In my youth we used to call this type of “nerd”, ”wally 2dicks”. WHY, you couldn’t possibly be that stoopid just by playing with one!

Author — John Armstrong


Soldo los terminales del conector del celular a dos fichas que no se conectan a nada????
Are you joking me? are you really sure that it works?
What kind of open circuit is it?

Author — iagm iagm


The real lesson learned here is how waste 750k peoples time and get paid by youtube to do it

Author — Michael Bomar


He can't type TV tech the right way, it's at the top

Author — Pablo Puentes


go test live mains voltage cable, touching your tongue on the live and neutral, get back to us, when you have done it.

Author — McIntosh Tech


*YO... you forgot the rim-latching toggle beeping laser relay switch!*

Author — Cain tuckee64


Its only me or even you came just to have fun reading the coments?🤣

Author — Beardan Chef


WTF! I wish he shorted out his Phone but the two wires he soldered aren't connected to anything. LoL

Author — Fonk Prop


Never trust a grown man who uses a glue gun

Author — B R O D I E 5150


Become friends with ya next door neighbour, ask for

Author — Karl Taylor


You know Guys/ Gals, I was Extremely Interested in seeing if this could be Done, “ Now 🙏🏻 don’t lol @ me, but some people may Not have all the Ends to have cool things like 👆🏻 This so I wondered, but then a lot of questions came 2 my head like SD card still hooked up That there soldering 2 ETC, then gave up & read comments, 😔 Now I feel Pretty Fucking Stupid 4 Believing it could be Done, But seriously Peps Someone have to have Done it Before, Because that’s Now how they R charging Everyone an Arm & a Leg 4 the Shit

Author — Dan Dickerson


Quem me garante que você não está conectado a sua rede WIFI domestica, pois ão mostra a tela completa do celular???

Author — Galdencio Passos


YouTube needs to filter out some of this crap so I don't have to

Author — Terry W


am i going to load air time on the sim card before doing
this test

Author — ATTOS Print & More


I just enjoy reading the comments and laughing



I cant believe I just watched this whole thing common sense was telling me but I'm always ignoring my gut instincts!

Author — dwayne hammel


Look at the carrier network signal on status bar
This guy is so amazing that the senseless gadget he made works even disconnected!

Author — Gabriel S. Benetti


i did it and it worked, thank you so much!!! only i have 7G signal now

Author — NSVideo Creator


This is the dumbest thing ive ever seen.

Author — Evan Johnson


i used dual sim and i m getting 10G (2TB/sec)

Author — ৰং- বিৰং