New Free internet WiFi 100% - How to Get Free internet At home 2019

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New Free internet WiFi 100% - How to Get Free internet At home 2019 4
New Free internet WiFi 100% - How to Get Free internet At home 2019

Creative Ideas. Hello Everyone! I want to show about is New Free Internet WiFi Unlimited 100% Working at Home 2019. Please don't forget subscribe my channel tv tech

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Один конец провода в телефон, а другой в очко себе воткнул бы и хуем ловил бы WIFI

Author — KOHTAKT


Soldo los terminales del conector del celular a dos fichas que no se conectan a nada????
Are you joking me? are you really sure that it works?
What kind of open circuit is it?

Author — iagm iagm


*YO... you forgot the rim-latching toggle beeping laser relay switch!*

Author — Cain tuckee64


one thing is sure, attract more viewers and get the blogger paid.

Author — Edd Libre


In my youth we used to call this type of “nerd”, ”wally 2dicks”. WHY, you couldn’t possibly be that stoopid just by playing with one!

Author — John Armstrong


WTF! I wish he shorted out his Phone but the two wires he soldered aren't connected to anything. LoL

Author — Fonk Prop


go test live mains voltage cable, touching your tongue on the live and neutral, get back to us, when you have done it.

Author — McIntosh Tech


The real lesson learned here is how waste 750k peoples time and get paid by youtube to do it

Author — Michael Bomar


Become friends with ya next door neighbour, ask for

Author — Karl Taylor


am i going to load air time on the sim card before doing
this test

Author — ATTOS Print & More


He can't type TV tech the right way, it's at the top

Author — Pablo Puentes


I substituted the black RCA connector with a Yellow to get Video signals and now I can watch paid Porno for free.

Author — RICARDO


I think he forgot to insert the RCA plugs in his butt for the whole 5G experience.

Author — Tom Larson


Its only me or even you came just to have fun reading the coments?🤣

Author — Beardan Chef


Ok. Internet with USB and Audio Cable makes sense eh

Author — x o


Spectacular! The only website I can rely on for weekly paychecks is *EZpay100 .Com*

Author — akemi deguchi


JAJAJA!! Me gustó, aprender a soldar como las wéas, jaja

Author — Camilo Ojeda


Señor y engaña a tu abuela.

Author — simon hernandez ortega


nice how he has full bars on his phone as he plugs in his freshly made thingamajig

Author — Micah Militello


Look at the carrier network signal on status bar
This guy is so amazing that the senseless gadget he made works even disconnected!

Author — Gabriel S. Benetti