Inside Iran's strategy against the U.S.

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Inside Iran's strategy against the U.S. 4

President Trump says there will be harsh new economic sanctions against Iran after the country launched missile strikes targeting bases that house American troops in Iraq. Norman Roule, a former CIA national intelligence manager for Iran, joins CBSN to discuss how Iran may respond.

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CBS. All seeing eye. Mind-control psy-ops.

Author — kbrown11357


Reads just like a Tom Clancy novel ☢☢☢

Author — Peewhocantbeaimed


CBS news word of the day: "conciliatory" as they're referring to Trumps supposed disposition- as only they are expert enough to analyze

Author — monolith geometry


0:24 *THA'TS GONNA CHANGE!* You can bet your bottom dollar on THAT!!

Author — The Eagle


This guy looks straight outta the 19th century. Thank you Norman 🤣



It feels like I'm watching strike back

Author — Ander Son


guess what uran.. you will never get a wallmart.

Author — Andrew Eu Eugene


What a complete bs from this expert the only reason Iran might negotiate now is because, the general was a big invoice in IRGC and didn't want to negotiate.

Author — Ziad Azam


another CIA propagandist that would make Goebbels proud

Author — Derrick Wade


Next up "Inside the US's Strategy."
Spoiler: There isn't one.

Author — Chad the Chud Show


Believe in Jesus Christ and learn His words 💬

Author — Elite X


🔹 Q Clarence Intel

* Who feeds NK w/ strategic intel? Iran?
* What deal was done with Iran under Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro ? {2 Nov 2017 - 2:14:27 AM} Q

* How did Iran obtain Uranium?
* Why did BO send billions (in cash and wire) to Iran?
* How many planes carried the cash into Iran?
* Did all land in Iran? {2 Nov 2017 - 2:06:58 PM}

* Why did BO send billions in cash to Iran?

🔻 Bin Laden Family & 9/11
6 Nov 2017 - 4:50:59 PM
* What was carried on a private plane to Iran?

🔻 Rothschild Banks
11 Nov 2017 - 11:31:41 PM
* Iran: The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran

🔻 Uranium One & Iran Deal
22 Nov 2017 - 5:07:59 PM
* U1 - CA - EU - ASIA - IRAN/NK
* Where did it end up?
* What was the purpose?
* Who was suppose to win the election of 2016?
* Why was the Iran deal kept from Congress and placed at the highest level of classification?
* Meaning, a United States Senator could NOT review the deal but other foreign powers could

🔻 No Investigation into Obama Sending $1.7 Billion CASH to Iran
18 Feb 2018 - 4:07:46 PM
* "Never gotten over the fact that Obama was able to send $1.7 Billion Dollars in CASH to Iran and nobody in Congress, the FBI or Justice called for an investigation!!

🔻 CIA Control of North Korea
22 Dec 2017 - 1:26:25 AM

🔻 North Korea Deal Made!
8 Mar 2018 - 7:55:52 PM
* Thank you Kim.
* Deal made.
* Clowns out.
* Strings cut.
* We took control.
* Iran next.
* Q

🔻 Macron, President of France, is not an Ally
24 Apr 2018 - 11:30:18 AM
* His sole purpose [WH visit] is to convince POTUS, on behalf of the EU, to remain in the Iran deal.
* You decide.

🔻 Define Terms of Iran Nuclear Deal
30 Apr 2018 - 11:51:06 AM
* Define the terms of the Iran nuclear deal.
* Does the agreement define & confine cease & desist ‘PRO’ to the republic of Iran?
* What if Iran created a classified ‘satellite’ Nuclear ☢️
* What would happen if Russia 🇷🇺 or another foreign state supplied Uranium to Iran/Syria?
* WAR.

🔻 Israel Discloses Details of Iran's Covert Nuclear Program
30 Apr 2018 - 1:38:11 PM
* Knowing what you know now.
* re: Israel disclosure moments ago.
* Authentic.
* France & Germany came to the WH for the sole purpose of pressing POTUS to remain in the deal.
* 5% shared.
* POTUS deCLAS Syria/Iran + U1 connection.
* Where does EU fit in?

🔻 POTUS Took Control of Iran Today
8 May 2018 - 7:44:19 PM
* Today, EVIL lost control / leverage of Iran.
* Today, POTUS took control of Iran.
* Today, w/ pending sanctions and military action(s), POTUS will gain more ammunition / intel against THEM.
* Suicide watch.
* The deal kept Iran quiet.
* The goal was to keep POTUS in until impeachment / term end.

🔻Cross Check CEO Resignations Against Companies in Iran Deal
12 May 2018 - 10:57:30 PM
* Digest.
* Next.
* What CEOs have resigned post POTUS election?
* Cross check against Co’s in Iran post deal.
* You have more than you know.
* Happy Hunting!

🔻 UN Nuclear Inspector Abruptly Quits Post Iran Deal Cancellation
12 May 2018 - 11:04:40 PM
* Coincidence days after Iran deal withdrawal?
* Corruption everywhere

🔻 North Korea and Kim Jung-un are Already FREED!
11 Jun 2018 - 12:24:10 PM
* Does Kim look nervous prior to the 'BIG' meeting w/ POTUS?
* Did they already meet long ago?
* Is he preparing at his hotel w/ his advisors ahead of time?
* Or, is he out enjoying the 'FREEDOM' he never had in the past?
* Deal done?
* Safe?
* On guard?
* POTUS moves up departure - why?
* The World is Safer.
* IRAN developments

🔻 Iran Deal About Cash Flow for EU Leaders
11 Jun 2018 - 12:56:26 PM
* EU sanctions (IRAN).
* Leaders of EU only care about protecting flow of MONEY - NOT the safety and security of their people/world.
* IRAN deal orchestrated for the sole purpose of lifting sanctions (blockade) to allow access of foreign businesses for individual & co-wide enrichment. SCAM!!!
* Nothing to do w/ NUKES (cover_)
* Hussein pallets of cash.
* Hussein secret auth to convert USD.
* More coming.
* No MSM coverage.
* Got Popcorn?

🔻 Fake News Media = Propaganda Arm of the Democratic Party
6 Aug 2018 - 7:31:41 PM
Psychological Projection.
Define Conspiracy.

1. a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
"a conspiracy to destroy the government"

2. the action of plotting or conspiring.
"they were cleared of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice"
[Fake News]
Fake News collaborating and pushing knowingly false information?

Fake News ‘KNOWINGLY FALSE’ narrative pushes.

1. POTUS colluded w/ Russia to win the 2016 Presidential election
2. POTUS is puppet to PUTIN
3. POTUS to irreparably harm relationships w/ our allies
4. POTUS will collapse U.S. economy
5. POTUS will collapse stock market
6. POTUS will cause war w/ NK
7. POTUS will cause war w/ IRAN
8. POTUS will destroy the world.
9. On and on……..(knowingly false)
* They would rather see NK peace negotiations fail (WAR!) than see POTUS resolve

🔻Watch Iran; Hassan Rohani Targeted
28 Aug 2018 - 11:41:01 AM
* Watch IRAN.
* Something incredible is about to happen.
* [Hassan Rouhani]
* The Good People of IRAN have the POWER.

🔻 Qanon Movement is World Wide; Make Iran Great Again (MIGA)
7 Mar 2019 - 11:28:54 PM
* We stand TOGETHER in this FIGHT.

🔻 Democrats Have Been Deliberately Selling Out Our Country to Foreign Entities
25 Nov 2019 - 4:30:45 PM

Author — Elite Trucker's


I actually put up footage of a UNITED STATES 🇺🇸Secret UFO while Iran 🇮🇷 soldiers, didn’t even have the capability of shooting this thing down

Author — SECURETEAM10 - Back Up


Negotiations; because they don't have a choice, is another sheriff in town, the economy is not too good

Author — J P


... Iraaan ... Iran so far awaaay, yes Iraaan ...
Iran will lay down by it's dish and continue nuclear weapon development until somebody does something drastic ...
And by then it may be Iran ... Takem out Now

Author — Ray Lars


16? 20-24? WTF doesn’t anyone know exactly how many?!

Author — Rose Marie Homeyer Bente


Would Iran's missiles use USA's GPS guide?

Author — Ian Lee


Iran standing down? How do you figure they shot miselles at us



She says “20” something missiles were fired. I’ve heard it was around 16. Then she says there were no possible way the west was given any notice prior to the attack. I heard they basically notified the US 5hours before.

Author — MiNeR


Your sandals are no match for our boots Iran

Author — donkey face jordan