Crionics - Armageddon's Evolution (Full Album)

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Genre: Death / Black Metal
Release date: 2004
Country: Poland

1.Arrival of Non-Parallel Aeons (0:00)
2.Final Inversion (4:38)
3.Armageddon's Evolution (7:55)
4.Chant of Rebel Angels (Intro) (12:37)
5.FFF (Freezing Fields of InFinity) (14:25)
6.Xenomorphized Soul Devoured (19:16)
7.Disconnected Minds (24:44)
8.Celestial Interference (30:16)
9.Black Manifest (The Sermon to the Masses) (36:13)
10.Dept.666 (43:20)
11.Total Blasphemy (47:40)

Crionics: ?

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This album is fucking brutal and probably my favorite album from them. Its got its unique twist while giving me behemoth and emperor vibes though I shouldnt compare. First discovered them in 2007 after Neuthrone released. The fact that I still listen to their albums in 2022 is a testament to how good they were. It's a shame they split.

Author — @colonelinfernal5004


That Black Manifest song stills a fuckin hymn!!Great album from a very underrated band imo.Thanks for the upload. 🤘🙂🤘

Author — @P4ul0C354r


I used to listen the shit out of this album in high school, man memories,

Author — @ramirmaldonado8613


I miss Crionics. They were some of the best from Poland. They threw a bit of that void-like Darkspace-esque style in on this album.

Author — @melissajade7717


Ahhh está bien un poquito saturado pero superficial en última instancia

Author — @reynaldoluna7505