Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp sheds a tear at statue unveiling

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

Dutch Master Dennis Bergkamp sheds a tear at the unveiling of his statue at the Arsenal stadium and hints of a Highbury return as a coach.

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💬 Comments

One of the best players to ever grace the game.

Author — saeedmoodie


"Last night I spoke to Thierry Henry." This great club of mine MUST get back to where it belongs. Arsenal for life. Dennis come back home for 20/21.

Author — Siddharth Shah


What a legend. I'm a United fan but always respected the amazing player that was Dennis Bergkamp!

Author — mark crocker


Who is watching in 2019? Bergkamp is an absolute legend

Author — Omar Yahya


If you love football, you will love Denis bergkamp, what a legend

Author — Abdalla Noor


True legend, my all time favourite Arsenal player and an inspirational professional. There's Only One Dennis Bergkamp!

Author — Magic Box London


I could understand if you don’t like Henry, I can understand if you don’t like Van Persie, I can understand if you don’t like Wright or Lehman or Viera or Pires or Llungberg. But if you don’t at least respect Bergkamp, then you don’t respect football.

Author — OverTheBarTV


I am a Leicester fan the name of Dennis Bergkamp still haunts one of our favorite players, Matt Elliot.

Author — Chancer02


This guy was something else.... A Joy to watch... made me love the game called football..

Author — Ted Ayani


You will now always be part of Arsenal's glorious history. A true legend!

Author — Ashley C Pereira


What a legend, awesome player and a genuine guy, he tore through more than enough defences and scored goals most can only dream of, very well deserved

Author — Les Gilligan


Even called his garden Highbury. Legend forever ❤️

Author — Arsenal 1


One of the most technical player to ever grace the English game. He revolutionised the game in England. Henry couldn't have been the player he is without this man. Lots of love for our legend BERGKAMP

Author — TJ X1


Oh to be back in those days- we were blessed with Dennis & that team.

Author — Drew B


I was 5 months old when he signed. What a legend.

Author — Sideways Bonobo


What people also need to understand is the man’s education and intelligence. He fitted in four A Levels before becoming a professional footballer.

Author — Gary Randall


What a player 👌 ...every
Professional footballer would love to have the quality and skill of Dennis he scored such quality goals ...and he’s such a nice guy and no edge to him well done Dennis ... I’m a forest fan but credit where credits due 👍

Author — 1Chalkywhite


A true legend
I became an Arsenal fan because of him

Author — Alex J


Best player of his generation.👌 Salute 👏

Author — Nending Grayu


2019 and watching this still makes my eyes sweat

Author — cegb