14 Days in Japan Vlog - Tokyo, Hakone, Mount Fuji, Shibu Onsen, Snow Monkey, Disney

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14 Days in Japan Vlog - Tokyo, Hakone, Mount Fuji, Shibu Onsen, Snow Monkey, Disney 5

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We explore the centre of Japan in detail, with the help of my Japanese wife; Spending a week in Tokyo, then travelling around Kamakura, Hakone and Mount Fuji, Yumoto, taking a Bullet Train to Nagano and Shibu Onsen to see the Snow Monkeys and enjoy the hot spring onsens and finishing back in Tokyo for amazing food and Tokyo DisneySea.

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Meguro River and Yoyogi Park at 1:50
Tsukiji Fish Market at 3:36
Cherry Blossom hunting at 4:48
Omotesando at 7:24
Asaksusa at 9:09
Tokyo Skytree at 10:17
Kamakura at 12:04
Japanese toilets at 16:17
Hakone at 18:41
Mount Fuji at 21:16
Yumoto at 25:40
Bullet Trains at 28:54
Shibu Onsen at 29:58
Snow Monkey Park at 32:10
Onsen at 34:15
Tokyo in the sun at 35:44
Shibuya at 37:38
Yoyogi Park at 39:18
Akihabara at 40:58
Tokyo DisneySea at 42:28
Conclusion at 44:29

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It's like watching a documentary show on TV! I like how soothing the pace of the video is and yet so informative. Well done!

Author — Incredible Missy


Perfect fun for armchair travelers—and definitely inspiring a visit to Japan!

Author — Lana Cheng


the dude looks like he is stoned the entire time LOL

Author — Go Kill Yourself


very entertaining, thank you, glad we've found your channel as we'll watch more.

Author — Kristi Drain


I almost never watched and finished a 46 minutes travel vlog, but your vlog flows so natural and smooth as if i was there myself, i watched it till the end. Good job

Author — irwanto rasad


Yes I love❤️Japan🇯🇵u know I work and live here for 3 yrs.and I pray that I come back again🙏🙏🙏 ♥️

Author — ymanuel be with u


I just returned from Japan on a 15 day trip, planned with many parts of this vlog in mind. We literally had the same cherry blossom experience! "It's impossible to get tired of looking at Cherry Blossoms!" LMAO! We did all the things in Hakone, saw some monkeys, ate too many fish for breakfast, learned how to make sushi, saw a few million cherry blossoms, spent time in the onsen and fell in love with Japan. I can't thank you enough for this video. I hope it inspires many to take the journey!

Author — Laura Dunmyer


This was so well made and I loved every second ❤️😭

Author — Sneaky NinjaKat


Just stumbled upon your channel due to my love for Japan. I subcrisibed in the first 2 minutes of watching this video!

Author — Lan


That was a very satisfying video; Lord, what I've been missing. Japan knows how to live.

Author — trumpsahead


Great quality video - high quality content, thoughtful, got some great ideas - Thanks for posting !

Author — CommViewer


Nice video, made me wish I was there. Would really like to see the mountain and the flowers. Good job.

Author — PATUZI


Glad i have found this channel. A fair amount of very well-made videos. Absolutely deserves more subscribers! Please keep up the good work!

Author — frank wang


iPhone video quality is amazing and I can't believe how far phone tech has come for you to film this vlog. I will be filming my own vids for personal use when I go Japan for my own leisurely viewing.
Your content, editing and production is incredible. First vlog of yours I have watched. I will be going for 14 days but it seems like 2 weeks is not enough! All the aspects you mentioned at the end of the video confirms that I will enjoy Japan very much...

Author — JJ L


Lovely! Informative and entertaining. Reminds me of my trip with my daughter who speaks Japanese and toured me to sights in Tokyo. Hopefully, the world will return to some semblance of normalcy and we can return to see the snow monkeys. Now I want a sashimi dinner. Would love to hear more of Chiaki’s insights. Safe travels!!

Author — melanie de leon


The only video I wished it was longer, loved every single second of it, great job mate!!

Author — King of Cheran Theevu


wow this is such an amazing and beautiful video. Looking at it makes me eager to go myself. I can't wait. You guys are such lovely people <3

Author — Deepest Blue


top video! im going to visit japan in December it helpt me a lot with the places i wanted to go. i couldn't decide where to go or visit in only 14 days. so it helpt me a bit, thanks.

Author — milaine vanleeuwen


This was a fantastic presentation, very informative and with a relaxed humour often not seen in many youtube videos. I have seen it before when viewing other material on Japan, and I am glad I subscribed to your channel you are well worth watching, keep it up.

Author — Charles Laurie-Magyar


Hi, loved your Japan vlog :) I'm researching for my 3 weeks in a campervan exploring Japan. I'm from Oxford, I've been looking forward to exploring Japan for so long! I'll be there all March 2019, if I see you guys gazing lovingly at blossom I'll say hi :)

Author — Tim Proffitt-White