Tucker: Left sees racism everywhere

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Tucker: Left sees racism everywhere 4.5
Tucker: CNN's Jeffrey Toobin sees racism as the answer to everything, from President Trump's hurricane responses to his calling Maxine Waters dumb, to his attacks on Antifa. #Tucker

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The word 'racist' has lost all meaning.

Author — Lynchy The Classical Liberal


Racism: the belief that you are superior to someone because of their race

Author — REAL NEWS


The "race card" argument is equal to the "just because" argument...

Author — Joe Schlotthauer


When I was a little younger, I used to think that the hosts/commentators on TV were intelligent people who lied knowingly to their audience to dumben people and promote their agenta. I now believe that is not so. I believe they themselves are very dumb and actually believe what they are saying.

Author — Paul gr


The left sees racism everywhere, because they keep looking in the mirror!

Author — Beard Bro


CNN: Trump let the Hurricane hit Puerto Rico, so racism.

Author — phantasmo9998


Antifa is in no way considered a black group, no one thinks that at all, most of them are white, I don't even remember seeing one African American or otherwise in that group (not saying there isn't, but I haven't seen a person of darker pigment in the crowds of those criminals yet)

Author — Cynthia S


I remember about twenty years ago I used to remember Jeffrey cared about what he stated on air, sadly he’s not even a little suspicious he’s traded that all in and now is committing journalistic suicide on cnn with the rest.

Author — Mickey Andres


Was it “racism” when the Clintons had all of their “friends” go to Haiti??

Author — Save Mill Pond Park Vote NO 9/9/14


if only this happens.
perfect expression of what a normal, healthy person should be thinking!

Author — Marcus Aurelius


Toobin has a good education, and surely he knows how insane his claims are...

Author — D Storm


I love my brother more than my cousin. I love my cousin more than my second cousin. I love my second cousin more than my third cousin. I love my white brother more than my non white brothers. I treat people the same that cross my path. Because I treat them with respect. But I prefer living among my race in the same way I prefer my close family among my race.

Author — Stefan Fouche


He’s a real winner but what else should we expect from CNN

Author — Joe Mandaglio


"And speaking of dumb" Maxine Waters! Hilarious.

Author — Rix Pix


Wow, guess I'm racist for loving everybody equally...

Author — RawknBear Bell


"Noted TV person" - That's gold Tucker, gold.

Author — Chris J



“I’m sorry your race card has been declined, do you have any other form of argument?”

Author — 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐑𝐞𝐝𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧


Mm, seeing things is what happens when you open your eyes.

Author — hel en omstreken


Thanks for having the guts to tell the truth Tucker "Real American" Carlson.

Author — dave


Hahahahaha. You ever thought about that something you seem to perceive as an important issue is in fact a creative way to keep your mind occupied and you keeping your attention elsewhere? The last thing that the powers that be want is for you and I and joe plumber to get along.
We may realize who the real enemy is!

Author — HELL WITH IT!! B. L. A.