Tucker: Left sees racism everywhere

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Tucker: Left sees racism everywhere 4.5
Tucker: CNN's Jeffrey Toobin sees racism as the answer to everything, from President Trump's hurricane responses to his calling Maxine Waters dumb, to his attacks on Antifa. #Tucker

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Racism: the belief that you are superior to someone because of their race

Author — REAL NEWS


The word 'racist' has lost all meaning.

Author — Lynchy The Classical Liberal


The "race card" argument is equal to the "just because" argument...

Author — Joe Schlotthauer


When I was a little younger, I used to think that the hosts/commentators on TV were intelligent people who lied knowingly to their audience to dumben people and promote their agenta. I now believe that is not so. I believe they themselves are very dumb and actually believe what they are saying.

Author — Paul gr


CNN: Trump let the Hurricane hit Puerto Rico, so racism.

Author — phantasmo9998


Antifa is in no way considered a black group, no one thinks that at all, most of them are white, I don't even remember seeing one African American or otherwise in that group (not saying there isn't, but I haven't seen a person of darker pigment in the crowds of those criminals yet)

Author — Cynthia S


The left sees racism everywhere, because they keep looking in the mirror!

Author — Beard Bro


I had thought if my pet spider exhibited a democrat tendency it should euthanized. But then if i did that the democrat party would more then likely accuse me of racialism. LOL
Post Script: Do not really own any pets, was placing this as a metaphor of insanity.

Author — Solx


I am an old Latino who has lived through many profound social changes in America. I used to be a staunch Democrap until 30 years ago

The leftist MSM and others have played a big part in social engineering these changes. Most of us were just swept away into the great river of societal changes aND had to adapt as best we could. Now America is in chaos and divided into hostile factions.

Imagine, several nuerotic bimbos and political hacks with ulterior motives totally jammed up an important governmental process that effects millions of Americans. Jesus, himself, would not have stood a chance in passing muster.

Washington is full of swamp snakes.
I am Latino and love "everything" that President Trump has done and is trying to accomplish!


The left (Democraps) has gone way too far in labeling as racist virtually anything. Except in small guarded groups, we now have a situation in America where people cannot be honest and forthright about many issues.

I could go on with specifics, but I think you understand. If you don't

Author — USA Latino


For a lack of an intelligent argument or credible supportive facts, they just quickly resort to 'Knee-Jerk' (false appeal) accusation to quickly call others, Racists... it is a pathetic and typical go-to accusation and it is getting very tiring and old.

Author — Hydden N. Plainsyght


Because it is everywhere you IGNORANT FOOL.

Author — B Sa


STUCKER! Who is lived by david duke and the daily stormer!

Author — Randy Welsh


Did he just say Antifa is widely perceived as an African organization? WOW!!! I think I'm legit triggered right now.

Author — ZeriocTheTank


I remember about twenty years ago I used to remember Jeffrey cared about what he stated on air, sadly he’s not even a little suspicious he’s traded that all in and now is committing journalistic suicide on cnn with the rest.

Author — Mickey Andres


Thanks for having the guts to tell the truth Tucker "Real American" Carlson.

Author — dave


Toobin has a good education, and surely he knows how insane his claims are...

Author — D Storm


He’s a real winner but what else should we expect from CNN

Author — Joe Mandaglio


Try BBC.
It's 24 hours White guilt tripping.

Author — Triratna


"And speaking of dumb" Maxine Waters! Hilarious.

Author — Rix Pix


"Noted TV person" - That's gold Tucker, gold.

Author — Chris J