How to Replace Bose QC35 Ear Pads

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Learn How to replace your old Bose QC (I and II) Headphone Ear Pad Cushion Foam.

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Hey, Javier your video for replacing the Bose QC35 is "Grandma Approved" . It was easy to watch and very informative. I enjoyed your step by step tutorial with "don'ts and 2 listing options on where to buy replacements. Thank you so much. Wish I could give you 2 thumbs up.

Author — Daphne Swersky


Wow thanks. clipping it back on was a chore. Watching this gave me confidence. Thanks bruv.

Author — LiftOrGTFO


anyone else let their headphones get as bad as mine before replacing? 😂

Author — Javier Mercedes


Thank you SO MUCH. I wasn't able to click-fit the new cushions till I saw your video. Your explanation is so clear it made the whole thing very easy. :D

Author — Pilar de la Peña Minguell


Thanks for the video. Is it necessary to remove the old foam Mats? Mine seem to be fine.I just replaced the Cushion pads

Author — Noel Malekar


Excellent tutorial Javier. Many thanks! Good to know companies like Bose still have consumers in mind by providing replacement parts. And yes... mine were as bad as yours!

Author — Steven Boyton


Super smart! Glad those are replaceable vs having to ditch the whole thing! Makes sense! 💯 Great video!

Author — Diana Gladney


great video man, glad i found out you can just replace the pads too lmao. i had no idea you could actually take the pads off . I was under the assumption that bose made it so you had to buy new headphones or deal with the pads falling apart

Author — Double R


So I got my replacements and just swapped them. It was very easy to get the old ones off after Javier's note about the clips (I ended up not destroying the old ones getting them off).
Putting the new ones on was a bit tricky until I got the hang of it. Anyone reading this who hasn't replaced yet- pay attention to the part in the video where he describes using his thumbs and index finger. Once I got one side on, the other side was very easy.

Author — Tek Trades


You ain’t kidding! Just replace my cushions. It feels like fresh out the box 2017 all over again. 😂

Author — Mike Maresh


Thank you for this awesome video! Time for me to get to work on replacing!

Author — Brent Rolland


Thank You Javier for this instructional video!

Author — Golden Bear


Bro thank you so much! I was literally about to go out and buy new headphones but was like... Nah man there's gotta be a cheaper route. I definitely did not want to waste a few hundred bucks to avoid the aging black residue on my ears, but this made me happy.

Author — Carlos Salinas


Great video, two tips were very helpful. In these COVID times a spray of 95% ethanol brought off the old glue pretty easily.

Author — Philip Naylor


Clear, informative, straight forward tuto. Nice job man.

Author — Adam Warlock


Interesting points - about the L & R identification and also those plastic lugs to wedge under. I've done it myself, but didn't notice these. By the way, what about the cushion on top (under the handle)? That has started to wear too.

Author — Vikram Gokhale


I used the same ear pads you highlight in your video (red camo). After a few months they became very uncomfortable. I switched back to the Bose originals which are more supple (less foam) and more comfortable. Better sound too. I should have spent the extra $16 from the beginning. Thanks for the video.

Author — Andre de Fusco


Thanks. 😊 You disarmed all possible traps for our and your expirience while you were doing it.

Author — ffatheranderson


Make sure you are under good lighting when you try to replace the cushions, I failed several times and got frustrated, I moved to better lighting and got it done the first try. Makes it easier to see the tabs. Also if you look at all 10 tabs, two of them are closer to each other than any of the others. I found it easiest to get those two done first, then to move on from there. Hope this is helpful to at least one person out there cause even after watching the video I had a rough time at first.

Author — Tim Vertz


I have followed your instructions and it works perfectly. It's awesome to get the noise insulation back. Thank you. Javier, you are the ruler of the entire galaxy.

Author — Eduardo Junqueira