Russia: Russian S-400 air defence shipment loaded and delivered to Turkey

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The first shipment of Russian-made S-400 air defence system components was loaded into a cargo plane in an undisclosed location in Russia, before being delivered and unloaded at an airfield near Ankara on Friday.

The equipment deliveries are part of an agreement between Russia and Turkey to modify the Turkish air defence system, the Russian Defence Ministry has said.

According to the ministry, the delivery of other parts of the system will take place in accordance with the contract and within the timeframe agreed by both sides.

The US has strongly urged NATO member Turkey to pull out of the deal, threatening to impose sanctions if it fails to comply.

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Well done to Turkey and Russia, America has no right to dictate what other countries should do and not do.👌

Author — The Unknown Nova


since 10years ago ..Turkey ask to buy patriot from from US but the answer always no by US ..who's fault ?

Author — AljuKimong Vlog


"Being an enemy of the US could be dangerous, but being a friend could be terrible"

Author — Мастер Валенсуэла


No one could fly over Turkey sky’s . A 400 and now the new S - 500 are the best !

Author — Ronin Ronin


This is not a war crime s400 is a defense system, if u try harassing my country of course I'll use it. 😒

Author — oktay say


Long live Turkey From Somalia Africa . Thnk you for your help

Author — puntland force


“The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia.” ― Otto von Bismarck

Author — Lus Lussia


NATO OUT FROM TURKEY! congratulation Turkey, from Indonesia Brother

Author — Legend Power


Eagerly waiting to receive these in India too.

Author — Chetan Jasud


USreal refused to sell the patriots coz they had a plan. we saw their plan on 15.07.2016. A failed coup.

Author — Merke Tarif


USA is dishonest;
1. Turkey so many years asked to buy patriot system. USA didn’t sell it to Turkey.
2. Greece also has S300 air deffance system, and also has F35. Why USA didn’t do any sanction to Greece. And will do sanctions to Turkey? Is it fair?
3. US military did a military examine based on invasion Turkey? (named “Millenium Challange”). Is it acceptable by an ally?
4. In each coup inTurkey, there was Cia.
5. F35 can be trucked and passivated by US any time. If US will decide to invade Turkey, Turkey can’t use american weapons (please look at the 3rd item above).
6. Last year, in a nato meeting, Turkey mentioned as an enemy of nato. I don’t believe that it was done by mistaken. It was a warning or signal..
7. Russia is not dangerous for western countries, but US try to keep Russia like dangerous country. Because without any enemy US can’t survive or keep Nato together. But infact US is more dangerous than any other country by itself.

I can write so many items. Do you think turkish people idiot like americans. Usa opened our eyes by each its responses and sanctions. We can’t trust US or any western countries (not all but most of them).
In this conditions US or Nato just try to keep Turkey in their side, and after Iran, they will turn their face to Turkey as next target..

Author — Ogr Nrn


Turkey taking delivery of this on our Coup Anniversary (15th July) is a Big & Beautiful Message to the Pentagon & CIA :)

Author — bm3racer


Turkey and Russia playd it well well well done for both of them

Author — i d


Trump and netenyahu and greece crying now😂😂

Author — yavuz ak


What we’re witnessing today is a power shift, Turkey slowing exiting NATO and joining the Russia / China alliance.

Author — orhun20


Amazing hardware from Russia. Can’t believed the soviet era plane carried so many trucks

Author — Madzguy007


I am Indian I love Turkey great leader Rajab Tayyab erdogan

Author — Kundan Kumar


What is Turkey getting out of the deal?A missile defense system they can USE as n when they need to technology transfer so Turkey will soon be ab to build their OWN S400s what would they have gotten from the patriot system restrictions on their use No technology transfer cotes to fire the patriot system in US hands so they could Not use them against any adversary attacking them but only America's adversaries Turks would have paid a lot of money for a system that was Never truly theirs in reality they would have paid billions to have patriot missiles on their soil under American control, so why is now America moaning like i sell u a car but you can Only use it when i say you can

Author — polygamous1 Sozou


After pakistaan turkey will be next target

Author — Rahul Panwar


Why does USA consider Russia as its enemy? Russia sells weat, rocket engines, medicines and other commodities to USA, why not S400? USA can also buy this defense system, so can other countries!

Author — Ricky Mwamba