Is Media Showing the Truth of Kashmir? | Ep.112 TheDeshBhakt with Akash Banerjee

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Is Media Showing the Truth of Kashmir? | Ep.112 TheDeshBhakt with Akash Banerjee 5

More than two months have passed since the special status of Jammu & Kashmir under Article 370 was revoked. If Indian media is to believed, everything is perfectly normal in the state.

The international media has been reporting a different story. According to the international media, local Kashmiris have been hammered down during the clampdown. There have been massive restrictions - with mobile and internet connectivity down. Civilians are protesting against the decision....refusing to open their shops or go to work. None of this has been reported by the mainstream Indian media.

Why then the international media is spreading fake news about Kashmir? Watch full episode of TheDeshbhakt to find out the truth behind the 'bigg' Kashmir lock-down.

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Thumbnail- Satish Acharya
Writer- Shreya Mishra
Producer- Sarthak Goswami
Editor- Tushar Chaudhary

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us on

Author — Akash Banerjee


Birth Certificate Of Arnab Is An Apology Latter From Condom Companies

Author — arjun reddy


At least someone has the courage to stand against injustice in Kashmir... Hats off askah Banerjee..

Author — Ba ba


Indian media is giving tough competition to Kapil Sharma show

Author — Gaganpreet Kaur


Kon kon manta h is jahil pm ko chun Kar logo ko aaj dukh
Hit like

Author — Akhilesh Kumar yadav andh bhkto k baap


International Media: Kashmir's people are being violated by *India*
Godi Media: Blame *Pakistan*

Loser kaun? *Insaan*

Author — The Fearless Shaheen


These are the signs of a dictatorship.

Author — kingshuk roy


I wish you reach 100 million to reach the every person of the country...

Author — Deepak bisht


कायरों को भी भारत रत्न मिलने लगा।

Author — ronyy md


Modi said very big lie that "All is well" but in modi's dictatorship everything is HELL.

Author — Priya Prayog


God bless you for encouraging the true journalism

Author — Ami Mk


I was staying in my hostel during the time when kashmir went into lockdown and my Kashmiri friend couldn't contact with her parents. She was always in a state of fear, I tried to console her and because I didn't have much knowledge about the issue I told her worry not things would be fine army is there to protect everyone. After this I felt she became rather furious and said "this is what I fear the most" and she left.
Now I still regret why I said those things and truly hope that Kashmiris find their happiness soon.

Author — We the people


Even today after 7 months, 4g internet is off.

Author — Padder Zahoor


Kasaam se ise dekhne k bad ek hi word ata h dimaag me

Author — Sk Shahid


Aamir Khan was so right about intolerance. Shame on us, shame on Indian government.

Author — Dheeraj Bangia


I'm amazed at your courage.
You deserve the Medal of honour... For your journalism truly entails what can be called Courage under fire.

Author — mohammad aziz


Who noticed his t-shirt...peнlι ғυrѕaт мe nιĸal🤣🤣😂

Author — SRKO Z


Modi ji ran away from his wife because of Ghostswami.

Author — sakib kashmiri


So I hear this right? India blamed *Pakistan* for an upcoming fake terror attack to justify more troops! Waah Modi ji Waah!

Author — The Fearless Shaheen


I am a kashmiri and we owe it for people like you aakash ❤️
You're someone who tells the facts rather than modia 😏😏.

Author — Rizwan Malik